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Why Dogs make great companions

dogs are best companions

Man’s best friend

One of the many ways dogs make great companions is their ability to bond with humans. In other words, dogs are pack animals and we become part of their pack. There are strong bonds between a dog and its owner. Pets can almost sense your mood and react. Often if I’m having a bad day my buddy is right there to cheer me up. . And honestly, its really hard to stay in a bad mood when they are around. We are a part of their family as much as they are a part of ours. Dogs especially convey the mutual friendship.

Best Exercise Buddy

I don’t know about you, but if I am home about 630pm at night the four-legged friend reminds me that it is a great time to go for a walk. Firstly, there is pacing and sniffing then finally a definitive bark or three. There really is no way around it. A quick dash to the back yard to bark at a squirrel on the fence, or a fast “doing some business” is just not going to satisfy. SOmetimes it is like having a personal trainer. No matter how my day was or what bad mood I have brought home, I take the dog for a walk. A quick 15-20 walk around the block is usually enough to clear my head and improve my mood, relax my shoulders and loosen my tight hips. She is motivating. How can you say no to that fuzzy face? We can stay fit, build muscle and stay strong together. In conclusion, a walk together is great way to bond and exercise.

Together we have adventures around the neighborhood. I know which lawns are the best and most likely will get rolled on. We have also met neighbors I would never have known if it wasn’t for the encouraging and enthusiastic walking buddy.

Bully Sticks

Mental health

We all know that one of the best ways to bring ourselves up is to lift up those around us. A great way to important to our own mental health to be of service. It feels good to care for other living beings. Especially when a pet like a dog reciprocates with their unconditional loyalty and love. Having a dog as part of the family is a rewarding experience. Just by being a companion dogs can provide great emotional support. Some dogs even make it official as an emotional support animal.

Quite often when I am feeling depressed, or anxious the four-legged furry one is within earshot, lately, by my side. She is ready to entertain and make me smile. Dogs seem to have a hidden agenda to cheer their human up, as great companions. They are excellent listeners and the perfect keeper of secrets.Yes, I talk to her like she is my best friend. She has helped me dry my tears upon occasion and let me hug her when there was no one around. Despite that dogs like to hog the bed like a 2 year old, it is a comforting to just know she is snoozing on the bed with me. I am reminded I am not alone. Clearly, having a dog helps combat loneliness, depression, and anxiety and that is excellent way to take care of your mental health.


Dogs remind us of the importance of play. Several times a day I am lead over to the toy bucket. A quick game of fetch or tackle the bunny (stuffed) brings so much joy. When I see the dog having fun I also begin to relax and have fun. Joy is contagious even between species. Let’s face it, dogs make us laugh. They are simple “live in the moment ” creatures. Besides , who doesn’t love playing ball or a game of catch to break up the day ? It is important to remember to play and connect with other, even pets. It’s not about winning or losing the game, It is about the connection, the excitment, and the bonding with loved ones. Play is a great way to interact. It’s fun to get to know your dogs personality. Who knew each dog has their favorite toy ?

As you can see there are many ways dogs are considered great friends. It is comforting to have a buddy that shows unconditional love. A four-legged friend is forever loyal. If you have ever adopted from a shelter, it can be hypothesized that dogs are just as likely to choose their human for many of the same reasons. As humans we know dogs make the best companions , I hope dogs feel the same way about us.

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