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When a dog stops eating her dry dog food!

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It could be as simple as a sour stomach, or a newly found distaste for a new bag of kibble to something more serious. Sometimes it is just a dog feeling down or stressed. If your dog continues to drink water, and enjoys treats, and is otherwise acting normal, observe their behavior and let’s look at what else can be done.

What can cause a kibble food strike

Every once in a while the dog at home stops eating her dry dog food. She is a senior and it is always a cause for concern. It is not uncommon that pets decide to turn their nose up on their regular food. But, it is hard to always know why. Dogs have an exceptional sense of smell, it is possible your dog can smell kibble that has soured or gone rancid long before we do.

However, it is important to rule out a pressing issue with your pet’s health. Loss of appetite can be the first clue to a problem.

“Aflatoxin, which is produced by a mold that can grow on corn and other grains used in pet food, the FDA said. Signs of aflatoxin poisoning include sluggishness, loss of appetite, vomiting, jaundice, and diarrhea. There is no evidence that pet owners who handle the products are at risk of aflatoxin poisoning, the FDA said”.

Dry Dog Food recalled Nov 2023

If your pet has symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning, contact a veterinarian immediately.

It may be an emotional or behavioral response.

  • Is your dog still drinking water ?
  • Is your pet still interested in treats, just not the food in their food bowl?
  • Has there been a change to routine? or household that would cause stress?
  • How many treats is she getting during the day ?

Have you noticed any of the following more serious issues ?

  • Does your dog appear lethargic? or more quiet than normal
  • Does your dog have diarrhea? or constipation?
  • Is your dog vomiting?
  • Might she be experiencing a dental issue or tooth pain?
  • Muscular or joint pain due to arthritis. Chronic pain tends to affect appetite.

It is very important to call your veterinarian if you suspect a serious issue. Only a veterinarian can properly diagnose a serious issues.

Can CBD help stimulate appetite in pets? YES ! and for Inflammation too

Tricks to entice dog to eat their kibble?

Secondly, once you have ruled out illness, pain, or dog food that has gone sour or rancid, here are a few tricks that may help. First, you may need to introduce the kibble slowly back into the diet. Mix it with some wet or canned food that your dog enjoys.

If your dog stops eating dry dog food you can try to mix dry kibble with hot water or a little warm bone broth. Broth adds more meat flavor, boosts immune systems, and helps maintain a healthy happy gut.

If you have recently introduced a new tasty treat, it may be affecting your pup’s appetite. If it is super delicious it may just be that your pet likes it better than their regular food. Personally, we have experienced this issue. A few months ago the senior Ms. Goldendoodle, was having tummy troubles. After a trip to the Vet, she was put on a simple diet of white rice and skinless chicken breast.

“Chicken and rice are prime ingredients in many dog foods, and these mild foods sit well on upset canine stomachs. All you need are boneless, skinless chicken breasts and rice.”

Five Foods To Feed your dog when they are sick – AKC

It took care of her sensitive stomach and got her back to good health, however, it also gave her a love of high-quality chicken breast and a lot less love for her kibble and wet food. Today we compromise and supplement with Raw Instinct. She enjoys the softer texture and doesn’t complain as much as she was.

Dog food brands we recommend

Sometimes only feeding for a window of time, can help get your dog’s eating habits back on track, if they are just being fussy. Leaving a full bowl of food out at the same time daily for 10-15 minutes can encourage a sense of urgency to eat while the food is available.

How long can a picky dog go without food?

A working dog has different eating habits and dietary needs than a companion dog that looks at you to remind you to hit the “Are you still watching ?” button because they also are enjoying Paul Hollywood making a meat pie. Often working dogs eat once a day, despite their active lifestyle. An older dog or one less active just doesn’t eat as much as a young pup. As long as a serious issue has been ruled out and Fido is still drinking water and behaving normally, it is perfectly o.k. for your dog to skip a day or two without too much concern.

To further encourage more kibble consumption, I bought the furry roommate a treat puzzle. Her poodle instincts lend themselves to this type of toy. Her small kibble fits and her tendency to use her nose to hunt makes eating fun for her. About 1/4-1/2 cup of kibble fit inside. We have supervised playtime. I can monitor how much she eats, and we share some quality time. Win-Win. You can’t rule out boredom as a reason food seems less interesting.

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I have bought several of these treat balls, Pizza the Cat has a habit of launching them from his perch. They are amazingly sturdy for plastic. One note though, I bought this PINK one before I learned about dogs see fewer colors than humans. The cat’s toy is blue because he is male, the dog toy is pink because she is a female, however, next time, I will get a blue or yellow toy for the dog as those colors are easier for her to see. I learn every day!

How dogs see

In conclusion, I know how important our pets are to the family unit. It is important to keep our pets healthy and happy. Although it can be worrisome when your dog suddenly stops eating dry food, it is not always a sign of serious illness. With a little detective work and patience, you can easily get your pup back to a regular eating schedule.

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