Will Cat Calming Collars really work for stressed cats?

Do cat calming collars work for stressed cats? Pizza has volunteered to test this product out. O.K. ……… I volunteered him.

******* UPDATE ******

I like this product however, as the scent lessened so did the effectiveness. I do believe it helped for the first week and a half . Next month I will be reviewing another brand for comparison.

Why is he wearing a calming collar?

Most of the time Pizza is not very anxious. He is pretty laid back. However in the last few months, the household dog spends a lot more time with us in our space, and in response, Pizza has started taking morning naps in the closet. That tipped me off to a possible problem. Though he has no other symptoms, no change of appetite, lumps, or bumps, he usually claims his spot on the bed no matter who is in our bedroom so I thought I would try to see if this changed his mood.

Regardless, it makes sense, like most of the US this pandemic has stressed even the pets out as well. For ten years of his life, I was gone all the time at a job.……. In March 2019, I even went to Europe for three weeks leaving Pizza Cat behind ( In good hands of course) But now, We are home together a lot. Like all the time. And let’s face it, it is hard being around humans 24/7.

How do the Calming Collars Work ?

Cat Calming Collars work by using synthetic pheromones and essential oils to send a message of peace and relaxation to your animal. They made ones specifically for cats and dogs. This Calming Collar we are trying out is specifically for cats. It uses a blend of citronella, lavender, and hemp oil. It has a pleasant odor, that is not too strong. As a side note, the dog of the household does not agree and began barking once I put the collar on Pizza.

What are they used for ?

They are quite effective to relieve anxiety from change, loud noises like fireworks or drum practice, a new environment. They are designed to be worn for the entire 30 days.

Results so far from the experiement

Pizza doesn’t typically wear a collar, because he is an indoor-only cat and he is microchipped (Occasionally I do put his harness on but this is a new sensation)But for the next 30 days, he will be his rocking this bright green accessory. He seems to be adjusting and not complaining too much. He has scratched his calming collar, which is typical for a cat. This fur guy isn’t traumatized which would be counterproductive, and he still wants to sit on my lap. We are only entering day two, but I am checking for a reaction or skin irritation. Thus far all is good.

It is common for cats to sleep up to 16hours a day, so it’s hard to really tell if this is being effective. However, Pizza skipped out on his 5 min of morning vocalization at the door two days in a row! I am happy about that. He is currently passed out next to me, but still is giving himself time outs in the closet.

Lastly, this product is inexpensive and worth trying if your cat is anxious. I have tried cbd and although it also seemed to work it was much more difficult to administer. He didn’t like it in his food. With my schedule, it was hard to be consistent with it. A collar is easy to monitor and into day three of thirty is seems to be making a difference. However, all cats are different.

Overall it was worth the money, and since Pizza is a pretty big guy, so if you are having issues with an unhappy fur friend. I would consider giving this a try. Like a lot of holistic approaches, some things work better for others. Even Cats are individuals.

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