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Amazing Ways CBD / Hemp Extract Oil Can Help Your Pets

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If you anything like me, I would love to find something that gives the dog some relief from her arthritis, and Pizza the Cat’s anxiety. Giving your pets a dose of Cbd oil may be the answer. It is pretty fascinating how the body and CBD/Hemp Extract oil work together. There is a definitive science behind the amazing ways CBD/Hemp extract oil can help your pet.

Like humans, your furry family members have receptors in the brain that react to cannabinoids found in hemp extract or CBD oil. Basically, cannabis plants and hemp both produce Phytocannabinoids that connect with those cannabinoid receptors in the brain of cats and dogs, and other mammals, like us. Yes, in case you are wondering, you can give CBD meant for humans to your pets. CBD is safe for dogs and cats, as long as it does not contain THC.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Even better, CBD or Hemp Extract oil can help your pets relax and manage pain without a “high”. In fact, scientists speculate that CBD even has an effect on homeostasis ( or the body’s ability to maintain itself regardless of external conditions). It is still a new market, and we have a lot to learn about its benefits. Personally, I am excited about a natural product with such potential for helping our furry family members in a way that is considered effective and safe.

What ailment can Pet Cbd/ Hemp oil help my pets from?

Stress from new surroundings, people or other pets- also noises like fireworks, loud neighbors, house parties, etc.., band practice. Cbd can help alleviate the symptoms of old age.

Cancer/ and Nausea from Chemotherapy – had been shown to help boost the immune system, help with pain, and promote weight gain.

Seizures- It has been researched and studies have come back hopeful. There is so much we don’t know yet, but in conjunction with prescribed medicine, some dogs responded better with fewer seizures with the addition of CBD hemp extract oil.

Separation Anxiety -Since CBD works with the pet cannabinoid receptors an appropriate dose can help promote a calm and sense of well-being.

Arthritis/Joint Pain – CBD shares metabolic pathways with anti-inflammatory drugs. The cool part about that is pain caused by inflammation like arthritis or joint pain should benefit from CBD oil at the correct dosage.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease-CBD Oil has been shown to help decrease intestinal inflammation, as well as promoting weight gain, which is so important when pets start to lose weight due to illness.

Surgery /Injury Recovery- Pain management

Skin Allergies- relieves reactions and has been shown to help ease itchiness.

CBD Oil vs. Hemp extract Oil vs Hemp Seed oil. Do they all help?

In case you are wondering, to be very clear, CBD is a compound found both in hemp plants and marijuana. Hemp and “Mary Jane” are both a part of the same varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant with hemp containing more CBD and minimal THC. but they are not the same plant. ( I love the analogy that oranges and lemons are both citrus but not the same. fruit. But both Citrus fruits provide the necessary Vitamin C to our bodies. Similarily, hemp, and “weed” both provide CBD that can be used to heal.

Today, Hemp extracted CBD oil is currently legal in all 50 states for use with pets, however, Marijuana extracted CBD is not.

But Hemp SEED oil comes from hemp seeds. There is minimal if ANY amount of CBD oil. There are still anti-inflammatory properties in hemp seed oil, however, if you are looking for the benefit of hemp EXTRACT or CBD specifically, beware that hemp oil is not the same. Please read your labels.

** Fun ( or not so fun) Fact* Amazon doesn’t allow the sell products with CBD. You really need to know what you want to be purchasing. The labeling is ridiculously confusing. PRETTY SNEAKY if you ask me. However you can purchase CBD online thru other retails.

That depends on your state. However, veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe it, some don’t discuss it. So as a pet owner we should do our own research as well as ask our pet’s vet.

Veterinary Cannabis is a resource specializing in advocacy, education, and consulting in Colorado. They also offer classes to pet parents online classes. They have cannabis trained veterinarians that will work with your pet’s vet

My Pizza Cat’s experience with CBD

I have used CBD drops for my cat. In my personal experience, when giving Pizza a dose I do see a difference in his behavior. For example, several years ago I was A LOT more social. Friday nights were MY night to go play… He knew as soon as I put my boots on I was going to leave, he would attack them and fuss. We are very bonded, and he would not be happy. So, before I left we would have extra playtime, I saved his favorite treats for Friday nights, even took naps together before I went out. Eventually, I decided I wanted to help him adjust more. Therefore I tried some CBD drops. It helped him calm down and act less anxious before. We were both happier. He responds well.

CBD for Cats

Petals and Tails CBD Pet treats for dogs and Cats!

What to look for when buying CBD Hemp extract oil for your pet

And the bad news. It is also important to know what you are buying, unfortunately, there is a discrepancy in quality, and well-crafted labels. Studies have shown in blind tests of 84 actual CBD products, as many as 31% did not have the same about of CBD that was listed on the label. There is no set standard of how much actual CBD is in a product. Legally made products that contain CBD must come from hemp plants,(not cannabis) and legally must have THC levels below 0.3%. , however some products tested higher for THC.

Important point to check for

Check for CBD (cannabidiol) or Hemp Extract on the label. Hemp seed or simply hemp oil is not the same thing.

All-natural organic ingredients

“Third-Party Lab Tested” (It is highly important as they check are an independent source to check for pesticides and milligrams of CBD per dose)

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Clearly there are at great Ways Cbd / Hemp extract oil that can help pets. It could argued that a dose it just good overall sense well being. Over time and after more research hopefully, it won’t be as taboo as it is still in now in 2020. It is important to know your product.

Personally, I am not overly shy about my support for all things relating to cannabis in all its forms. ( I am after all a California Girl) .However, for our furry friends, it is exciting to see the use of non-psychoactive CBD oil to help with ailments like arthritic and inflammation.

It is sad to see our pets in pain or stressed out and unhappy. During the research though, I was really surprised to see such a difference in labeling, and marketing. How many times have you brought groceries home and discovered you bought the wrong item? ( low fat instead of regular, etc) I also heard many varying accounts of how well the products worked on your pets. I can’t help wonder how often people get hoodwinked into buying a product they are lead to believe has CBD oil as an ingredient when it really doesn’t.

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