Pal of the Week Pal of the Week -Meet Chimmi Look at those ears!

Pal of the Week -Meet Chimmi Look at those ears!

Chimi Chong

A Wandering Pet pal of the week Chimmi found her forever home. This story really melts my heart. Look at Chimmi and those ears…..Grab a cup of tea and read on.

There is still love in this world and perhaps a little magic.

Chimmi is a 9 year old Chiweenie (half Dachshund half Chihuahua)

Chimmi’s new journey began when was rescued from a backyard breeder who had been breeding her with her own son. She is a “purebred designer breed”, her parents were purebred chihuahua and dachshund. But to keep the line pure often there is inbreeding, especially in backyard breeding situations.

Fortunately, Chimmi’s bright future was just beginning.

Her prospective pet parents were shopping at Petsmart for their cat. They weren’t looking for a new pet but sometimes we get surprises. Petsmart was having an adoption day. It is always fun for animal lovers to go visit and say hello to the prospects.

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” The day we met Chimmi we were at PetSmart getting cat treats because our cat was there getting treated for ear infections. They were having an adoption day and I saw Chimmi sitting quietly in a kennel. The woman running the event was trying to get a 6month old pitbull adopted so she shouted from the other side of the kennels saying “you can open that one and pet her if you want! ” “Chimmi walked out and crawled right into my lap and stayed put.”

The rest is history.

At the time Chimmi was 6 years old therefore was considered a senior. Being older she was in a little harder to adopt and was “on sale” by the adoption agency.

Her new parents took the time to get the house ready, prepare the living space. They made sure they had the time commitment and support of others who would be around the new furry family member.

Two weeks after the initial meeting, the foster mom brought Chimmi over to her new pet parents for a home inspection. With confidence, she was able to leave her, with her new pet parents that day.

That was three years ago and Chimmi has been a happy part of their family ever since. Despite being used for breeding, in her old age she still has a genuine motherly streak. She loves her stuffed hedgehog and carrying her favorite things around with her. I have had the pleasure of meeting this little cutie. It is so heartwarming to see the bond between Chimmi and her owners. Adopting an older pet is an admirable thing to do. Chimmi has many more years to live and love. It is awesome to see an older pet and a young couple come together to bring each other such joy.

If you have a story or would like to see your pet featured on A Wandering Pet, Pal of the Week, Like Chimmi was, reach out! I would love to share it. All pets are special and they all have a story.

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