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Is dry food or wet better for cats?

Today in this world where a variety of cat foods are available, a pet parent is always confused about the best food for his cat. This situation may not develop if pet parents don’t have various options. I am saying this because the main purpose of a pet parent is not feeding his cat a specific type of food. But, the main purpose of a pet parent is to feed his cat a balanced food according to the cat’s requirements. Similarly, the question is not whether cats need wet food or dry food. The question is whether wet food or dry food fulfills the requirements of cats. 

Answering the question, I will educate pet parents in this article about the balanced food their cats need.

What type of nutrients my cat needs?

Cats are obligate carnivores, and they prefer eating animal source nutrients. Moreover, by evolution, they have adapted themselves as predators. Animals who are predators mostly rely on animal protein. Likewise, the main nutrient in their diet must be protein. Other than proteins, they need fats and carbohydrates in lesser amounts. Besides, they also need several other nutrients in small amounts like vitamins, minerals, etc. 

Is Catnip beneficial for cats?

The important thing to understand is your cat needs all the nutrients in a balanced quantity that suits the body’s requirements. Any nutrient more or less than the required quantity is not good for your cat. Therefore, if you provide your cat a balanced diet comprising all the essential nutrients in a balanced quantity, there is no need for additional supplements. Additional supplements include vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. They are usually available in fewer quantities in most diets.

To evaluate whether your cat needs wet food or wet food is more beneficial than other foods, we shall know a little bit about other food types.

Dry food

The name dry food defines it properly as it contains little water contents, about 5-10%. Dry food usually makes the pet parent at ease as cats eat as it offers the “free choice” feeding. Cats don’t create mess eating dry foods. Making dry foods, the producers combine, extrude and dry all the essential nutrients. They make bite-sized pieces that can be easily edible by your cat. Mostly, dry foods include the following essential nutrients.

1. Meat/meat by-products

2. Chicken/chicken by-products

3. Grain/grain by-products

4. Milk

5. Fiber

6. Fish

7. Vitamins

8. Minerals

These nutrients make up the requirements of your cat. Dry pieces are further coated with fats to make the food more palatable. However, dry foods are still less palatable for cats than semi-moist or moist/wet foods. Although it does provide the very basic nutrition, it is not my first choice to feed my guy, it will work in a pinch. Pet parents find it easy to use dry foods for their cats. They usually purchase a lot of dry food and let the cat eat it periodically. But you must ensure that the remaining food you store must be in an air-tight container to avoid contamination and fat rancidity. Since kittenhood, this is the dry food we have bought for Pizza. Although he primarily eats his wet food , I still keep this around in case he needs to snack. Every cat is different, he is still very svelt in in older years so I don’t need to worry about obesity.

Semi-moist food

Semi-moist food mainly contains meat and meat by-products and 35% moisture contents. It makes the food more palatable and increases the diet-based water contents for your cat. Other nutrients present in semi-moist food are grain by-products, cereals, meals, and preservatives to make it a complete product. Semi-moist foods are more expensive than dry foods but are mid-range. Cats usually prefer it over dry food because of increased palatability. After opening the package, the remaining food may dry out. It decreases palatability and increases the chances of rancidity.

Another option is add a gravy packet TO the dry food. It is a nice treat and adds extra moisture to your cats diet.

Wet food

Wet foods are famous for their highest water contents, about 75%. All essential nutrients that are present in dry foods are also present in wet foods. As a plus point, wet food contains the highest diet-based water content and is more palatable. For finicky eater cats, wet food is the best choice. It adds variety to the taste. Cats usually don’t like eating the same food daily. Therefore, you should consider a variety into taste and offer her more wet food.

Canned foods have the longest shelf life, but after opening, you should place the remaining food into the refrigerator to maintain its taste.

What benefits can my cat enjoy eating wet food?

Well, wet foods have the same nutritional value as dry food. As a plus point, they contain more diet-based water and add more taste to the diet making it highly palatable and digestible. The digestibility and palatability of wet foods make them the preferred choice of cats. The potential benefits your cat can enjoy with wet food are as follows.

Better overall hydration

Cats usually don’t prefer to drink water from the water bowl or the dish. They consider themselves vulnerable while drinking water from the bowl. In addition, some cats usually prefer drinking water from the fountain. Concludingly it isn’t easy to let your cat drink enough water to meet the daily requirement. Therefore, there must be an alternative solution for cats to fulfill their water requirement. And nothing is better than wet foods. It contains essential nutrients, makes the food more palatable, and fulfills the water requirements in addition.

Lean body mass

Wet foods mainly contain protein contents which promote the growth and development of Lean Body Mass (LBM). Cat’s weight comprises two types of masses, LBM and FBM. Lean body mass is of muscles, ligaments, organs, bones, and wet foods promoting the LBM.

Is Weruva a good brand ?

Adds variety

Cats are mostly picky eaters, and they prefer a variety of foods to eat daily. Wet food solves the problem and provides your cat with a variety of foods with increased palatability. Moreover, you should purchase the food that AAFCO approves as AAFCO’s experts have maintained a standard for feline basic minimum standards of nutritional requirements. All pet foods carry an AAFCO approved label on the bag, and these foods are considered nutritionally balanced and complete.

Final thoughts

You are now aware of the nutritional requirements and different types of cat foods available. I have explained the comparative nutritional benefits of different types of food. In conclusion, you should not rely on only one type of food. Rather, you should provide a variety of foods meeting your cat’s nutritional requirements.

cbd pets

Petals and Tails- AWP review you need to see

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Petals and Tails with CBD full-spectrum pet products provide relief to your pets. It is the perfect opportunity for you to check out what this company has to offer. Try a wide selection of Pet Shampoos with full spectrum HEMP, FLoral CBD balms for dry paws and scrapes as well as Peanut Butter CBD for dogs and CBD treats for both dogs and cats.

If you have been looking to add CBD oil products to your pet’s daily lifestyle, now is a perfect time. Read our review and see how you can save 15% now

Petals and Tails

CBD For your Pets Overall health

Have you tried CBD treats, Peanut Butter CBD for dogs, or Full-spectrum CBD oil,? It is a great way to offer pain relief and an overall feeling of wellness to your pet’s life. Petals and Tails also carry Floral Shampoos with full-spectrum CBD that can help keep your pet calm and relaxed holiday-ready. Lavender Fields, Pure White and Peony, Rosey Rose, and Exotic Orchid are all feminine and calming.

Although I don’t generally bathe my cat, I am tempted after smelling these products.. (Sorry Dude! even boys can smell like roses sometimes..that’s O.K.! )

cbd peanut butter pets
Peanut Butter CBD for dogs
cbd pets
Petals and Tails Full Spectrum Therapeutic Oil

At home I have had great success in sharing Passionflower and Ginger treats with the elderly dog.

I had a little more difficulty convincing Pizza the cat. One treat is a 5mg CDB and a good serving for an 11lb cat. To win Pizza over, I crush one treat into his wet food at bedtime. This company offers both regular and hip and joint formulas.

Many cat owners have also succeeded in adding one dropper of CBD oil into wet food or tuna. My Pizza cat is becoming picky and is less impressed with drops. If using drops, start with a smaller amount to get him more used to the flavor. Fortunately, there is more than one way to include CBD in his diet.

cbd treat
CBD PET TREATS/ Joint and Hip Support

Instructions: repeat serving every 6-8 hours as needed. 

  • Pets less under 15 lbs: Get 1 treat
  • Pets from 15-30 lbs: Get 2 treats
  • Pets from 30-50 lbs: Get 3 treats
  • Pets from 50 plus lbs: Get 4 treats 

Is CBD good for my pets?

Add Some new calming treats to your dog and cat’s diet.

In conclusion, I am very happy with these products for the animals at home. The company cares about the integrity of the product and uses 3rd party testing. We are happy with the variety and quality. CBD has been shown to help with separation anxiety and well as pain management from inflammation and arthritis. In addition, a Hemp CBD shampoo helps maintain a silky moisturized coat and helps with skin conditions.

CBD Pet Shampoo
dog paw,, dog behavior

Curious reasons your dog is licking her paws

What is that noise? The pup is in the corner licking her doggone paws again. Is it something I should be worried about? It is just part of her nightly routine? Could it be more than just a little personal grooming before bed? What are some reasons your dog is licking her paws?

Like most pet parents we worry about our pets. They can’t verbally tell us if there is a problem, we have to rely on observations and our intuition most of the time. If your dog is is suddenly favoring a leg or paw and licking it more than usual, it could be the result of pain, stress, yeast infection, or just plain old boredom.

Is your dog is licking her paw in pain?

When my furry canine roommate is licking her paws or leg a lot, the first thing I like to do it to gently take a look at the area. She is a senior , but you wouldn’t know it when we are out on a walk. We only walk about a mile a day but sometimes it is through the trail behind our house, full of dirt roads, and burrs and brush. I have made it a habit to do a paw inspection when we get home. A small sticker or foxtail can easily work its way between fur or sensitive skin between toes and be hard to reach. If you have even accidentally stepped on those little burrs yikes… they are sharp !

“It’s not unusual for dogs to suffer cuts or other wounds from accidentally stepping on glass, debris or other objects. Wounds that are smaller than a half inch in diameter can be cleaned with an antibacterial wash and covered with a dog bootie. For deeper paw cuts, see the vet for treatment.”


Dog paws are a very sensitive area. Pads can also become dry and cracked in dry weather. If your walking buddy is excessively licking check for the most obvious reason for the discomfort first. It is very easy to miss small cut on the paws. Occasionally, those tiny cuts can become infected. If it becomes a yeast infection is can be itchy and sore. Inflammation can be painful. Dog instinctively lick to help keep wounds clean.

Is the licking accompanied by limping?

Once you have ruled out a cut or sticker your pup’s paw, the behavior might mean she is experiencing some internal pain or soreness. Pets are excellent in hiding their pain. Observing their behavior sometimes is the only way know if they are hurting or nervous. If your dog is licking her paws more normal and favoring the hurt leg or limping, is a clear sign not to be dismissed. A trip to the Veterinarian may be the best option. Licking could be a sign your dog is experiencing the first signs of arthritis, or has small hairline fracture.

Is it a new Allergic reaction?

Constant licking can also be a sign of an allergy. If you have changed your pets’ diet, a new brand or flavor , or treats, perhaps it doesn’t agree with your dog. A new food doesn’t always cause an upset stomach, but may cause itchiness. Some dog I know, that is sleeping on the floor next to me, loves to roll on lawns around the neighborhood. Don’t rule out a reaction to a pesticide, fertilizers, or other new environmental causes. Pets are good at trying to heal their wounds or distressed. Licking is your dogs way of trying to scratch that itchy sore spot, to make it better,

Is your dog stressed ?

Like a lot of people or pets, routine is a welcomed thing. A change in environment can be stressful for a dog. New roommate or partner, a move or just a change in your schedule can upset your pal. A sudden new habit of excessive licking paws can be a soothing. If dinner has been served at 5pm for a years and now you aren’t home until 7pm, somehow they seem to know that you are late , although pets can’t tell time. Stress or boredom can lead your dog to look for ways to comfort themselves.

Tips to help stop your dog from licking her paws

We like to use Petal and Tails Lavender Fields Forever Balm with Eucalyptus, Arnica and CBD. It is a beautifully packaged, delicious smelling healing salve. CBD is known for its calming properties , and arnica is great for healing. It is a nice product to help with most these root causes of the problem. But here are some other suggestions.

  • Spa Paw treatment /care – Extra attention to those paws is useful. Make sure they are kept clean and in a moisturized. There are many products to use to keep paws from getting dry and cracked. Even a simple layer of Vaseline is good to help protect the pads of their feet.
  • Massage the leg getting all the attention. Gentle rubbing ( towards the heart) can provide relief if the licking is related to soreness or arthritis.
  • Redirect… Boredom leads to unwanted behavior. Introducing a new toy can help distract from unwanted licking. Dogs with working pet parents spend a lot of time alone sometimes. Stimulation is important.

Is CBD something good for my dogs?

Last resort for licking behavior that won’t stop

Dogs are stubborn and at times they just can’t help behaviors that are no good for them. Licking is a natural response and pets shouldn’t be punished for it, however sometimes we need to step in and get them to stop for various reasons. This is an excellent and EASY DIY cone alternative.

Another option is doggie booties, or bitter apple.

I love having a dog at home. She is definitely well loved and she has been a great company this year. I have learned a lot including dog behaviors like this one. She is really sensitive and doesn’t like anyone touching her paws and spends a lot of time licking them. We help manage her pain and keep an an eye her grooming habits. She has been to the Veterinarian, and at 11years old, aches and pain are just a part of life. She still spends time of those sensitive paws so we keep tabs on their health.

cbd oil

CBD oil will make your cat happy and healthy too

Cats can also reap the amazing benefits of CBD oil being added to their diets. Cats have active cannabinoid receptors in the brain. CBD can be used for their overall well-being. CBD has been known to help cats with anxiety, skin conditions, and pain from inflammation or surgery.

It is a dog-eat-dog world. There are dog day afternoons, Are you sick as a dog? Can you teach an old dog new tricks? But what about Cats? Like many ad campaigns, generally, dogs get the limelight. However, CBD products like Petal and Tails CBD products can be extremely beneficial to both dogs AND cats. Isn’t it ironic how cats seem to be the underdog when it comes to scientific research? These silly cats really ought to be more cooperative.

Cats make for poor test subjects.

Where are cats cannabinoid system and receptors?

Cannabinoid Receptors in Cats

All throughout the body, actually. There has been little research on CBD and cats, however, many pet parents have been using it and seeing great results. Without extensive research is by veterinarians and scientists, a lot of what we know about CBD and Cats is from cats and their loving pet parents. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence, but since owners know their pets best, we can trust their observations. We spend a lot of time with our animals playing and forming bonds and observing their behavior. Pet owners are passionate people and most will do anything to help their feline. CBD is safe and effective for many things.

There is still a lot of research yet to be done on CBD and its long-term effect on cats, however, as with people, high-quality CBD oil from hemp extract (not hemp seed oil,) has much promise.

“In case you are wondering, to be very clear, CBD is a compound found both in hemp plants and marijuana. Hemp and “Mary Jane” are both a part of the same varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant with hemp containing more CBD and minimal THC. but they are not the same plant.

I love the analogy that oranges and lemons are both citrus but not the same. fruit. But both citrus fruits provide the necessary Vitamin C to our bodies. Similarly, hemp, and “weed” both provide CBD that can be used to heal.

Amazing ways CBD/ Hemp extract oil can help pets

Petal and Tails CBD products

Petals and tails offer a full spectrum CBD oil from hemp grown in Oregon. They use a 3rd party to test and ensure quality and accurate potency. All their products only use hemp extract with less than 0.3% of THC. THC is harmful however this is an acceptable amount and nature of the plant. It will NOT get your cat high, and it is legal to ship to all 50 states.

No matter where you purchase CBD oil for your cat, it is essential to know what you are buying. This market is booming, however, it is not yet regulated. CBD oils made from whole-plant extracts, as this company does, are considered to be of higher quality than those made from CBD isolates. Reputable companies are open about the use of third-party testing. It is a guarantee you are getting the products you think you are. It is an exciting time with legalization and seeing the potential CBD has to help pets (and their humans too).

Petals and Tails Lab Testing

Read labels.. today your choices to purchase CBD for pets are limited to marijuana shop or some smoke shops and reputable mail-order companies. Amazon does not carry CBD oils due to restrictions. What you see offered in most cases is Hemp SEED oil…helpful in its own right, but does not have the benefit of CBD oil.

Does your Cat suffer from any of these things Ailments?

CBD shares metabolic pathways with anti-inflammatory drugs. What is fascinating is, pain caused by inflammation like arthritis or joint pain should benefit from CBD oil at the correct dosage.


Separation Anxiety



Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dry Itchy Skin/ Dull coat

General Pain 

Behavioral issues /Stress/Depression

CBD will not make your cat “high”, it does mellow them out a bit. There is nothing worse than a cranky stressed out, skittish kitty. A daily dose of CBD in Pizza the Cat’s food has helped adjust to living with a Goldendoodle, who likes to chase. It has been much easier to keep the cat a bit more calm, while the dog learns new games to play with her feline roommate. They both have been given Petal and Tail CBD treats. occasionally bedtime. It has brought some peace. I use CBD for Pizza for overall well being he doesn’t have any physical issues.

Can a cat overdose on CBD Oil?

CBD is safe but the correct dosage should be observed. As with any supplement, it’s best to start slow. If using Petals and Tails pure CBD oil, a full dropper is acceptable for one medium-sized 11lb cat. Somedays especially if I will be gone during the day, I will measure 1/2 a dropper mixed in Pizza the cat’s wet food at breakfast., and then again 1/2 dropper at dinnertime.

As a side note also… Grapeseed oil and Xylitol sweetener are poison for pets. READ your LABELS and the ingredients to ensure a safe product, please do not depend solely on the name of the product.

It has the potential to interact with other medications so please ask your Vet before giving your pet CBD oil. Better safe than sorry.

Learn about the correct dosing for CATS!

Signs of too much CBD

Although not inherently harmful, a little too much can be uncomfortable for your pet. Cats can experience dry mouth causing extreme thirst. A high dose can also cause excessive sleepiness. Make sure your kitty has plenty of fresh clean water. It shouldn’t be a struggle to entice your cat to try something new. Too high of a dose too soon may upset their stomach as well so start slow.

It may take a little bit to find the right dosage. But some CBD may be a great solution to complement other good health practices. It has great potential in improving your cat’s (and dog’s) quality of life. A happy relaxed pet is less prone to behavioral issues. From just a dull coat, an occasional bout of stress, to post-surgery pain, I personally think doing your research, and adding CBD oil to your cat’s diet is a great way to promote your pets good health.

good idea senior to adopt a pet

Amazing Reasons a Senior Should Get a Pet

Pet like a dog or a cat can provide comfort and companionship for a senior. They also encourage a more active lifestyle. Having something to take care of is beneficial for positive mental health. There are many local programs to help foster a relationship between a senior and a pet needing a stable home.

If you are a senior and are thinking about getting a pet, you are not alone. After the loss of a family pet, seniors 65yo or older, sometimes question if they should take on the responsibility of another pet because of their age. But there are amazing reasons why seniors should get a pet. Depending on the breed most cats or dogs, live anywhere from 5-15 years. Dogs (and cats) are definitely a long-term commitment. However, it very common today for active older seniors in their 70’s or even 80’s, to adopt or foster a new pet. Pets have a way of coming into our lives and bringing a lot of comfort and joy.

The loss of friends, partners, family, or lifelong pets can leave a huge hole in a senior’s life. If your family has had pets for years, and now the house is quiet it can be quite depressing. Isolation becomes a common issue with older adults. The loneliness and depression can be hard to cope with alone. Adopting a pet can provide friendship, hours of entertainment, laughter, and contribute to the emotional well-being of their owners. Older empty-nesters, new retirees, or newly single seniors often find that a new four-legged family member provides a new purpose to their life. A new focus is an excellent way to reframe your brain, step back, and see the positives again.

Good health benefits pets offer their senior owners.

Studies have shown there are numerous benefits of owning a pet. Time spent bonding with pets can help relieve stress and can potentially lower blood pressure. There is some evidence that suggests having a pet can be good for your memory. Studies have shown Alzheimer patients who receive pet therapy remain calmer, have increased appetite, and improved moods. Pets are extremely good at keeping us focused “in the moment”. Running my fingers through Pizza’s soft fur and hearing him purr is pure zen, it is hard to think about anything else. Quiet moments create calm moments which is good for your heart, in more ways than one. Pets have a funny way of drawing our attention away from worry, showering us with love Personally, I find quiet moments with the animals at home, soothing almost meditative. Time spent with pets could be helping me live longer.

“Dog owners have better results after a major health event. The studies found that, overall, dog owners tend to live longer than non-owners. And they often recover better from major health events such as a heart attack or stroke, especially if they live alone.”

American Heart Association

Also, If you are out and about, pets are also a wonderful conversation starter. Quite often when I am out with the Goldendoodle I am asked about her, dogs can be used as an excellent way to stay on top of your socialization skills.

After 2020, even as a Gen X-er, after months of isolation and crazy life adjustments, I can appreciate the help of the dog in regaining some socialization skills while we are out walking.

Deciding between adopting a Cat or a Dog ?

Owning a pet is a great motivator to stay busy. Any animal will need your attention and care. Being responsible for a pet can make you feel needed. Honestly, that feels good. It is fun to have someone to love even better than a pet reciprocates unconditional love.

Although I am not a senior yet, a decade ago, in my late thirties, I knew I wanted a pet. How much time I could spend with a little buddy? I had to factor in, how much of a budget I could afford. I had experience with kittens before, therefore I knew they would be very active for a few years then settle down a bit then a grown cat would be calmer. Living in a small apartment on a busy street I knew I would want a pet that would be happy indoors. Given my work schedule at the time, I felt I could give a baby the attention it needed so I decided on a kitten. ( Yes, It was hard to say no to this face)

about us pizza the wondercat
Baby Pizza

Adult cats require much less focused activity than a dog and can play and entertain themselves. Cats don’t need to be walked or have extensive training, They can occasionally be left alone overnight, if necessary. Pizza my senior guy has been an only cat for a while now, therefore I do spend time playing with him often. They can be somewhat self-sufficient, sometimes, in my experience.

Can having a cat improve your health ?

10year old Pizza

A Cat’s Life with an older adult

If you have mobility issues, disabled, or want a companion that likes some alone time, from time to time, a cat may be what you are looking for. Cats also thrive well inside, in fact, indoor-only cats tend to live a longer life. I have had my Pizza Cat in apartments for years. If you have never owned a cat before but are looking for a pal, cats are pretty low maintenance. Today you can even get a monthly disposable litter box. We have been very happy Kitty Poo clients for a few years now. ( I love the convenience of just replacing the entire box every 4-5 weeks … It was a huge pet peeve of mine that even after litter box maintenance, the actual plastic box would smell…this product eliminates that problem. It is environmentally friendly, budget-friendly, family-owned, and convenient)

Depending on the breed cats stay fairly smaller and easier to handle than larger pets. Another advantage is they sleep up to 14-16 hours a day and most love to curl up in your lap. ( or on your keyboard, in the linen closet if the door was left open, on your pillow at night, and if you are lucky, under the covers about 430am when they get particularly cold.) If you are looking for a snuggle buddy, cats do a really excellent job.

What a Senior should consider when adopting a dog

Dogs require more daily attention, if you are looking for a daily walking buddy, a dog is your answer. They also offer security and protection. Keep in mind a bigger dog is also stronger and can be difficult to walk if it is not trained properly. Depending on your activity level, smaller breeds or lap dogs are often a better match and easier to care for.

Dogs are entirely different animals than their feline counterparts. They are the ultimate companion. As much as I love my cat, since working from home this year, I have become really bonded with my roommate’s dog as well. Cats are cool, hip, and loving and a little sassy. While dogs, they have a different vibe. We are friends, she is my shadow, and my best confidant. Often she is quick to remind me when it’s time to be fed, or when it is time to be walked, and when she wants to play. She is the little princess around here, and we all do what we can to make her happy. If you have the time and energy and desire a lovely friend to share adventures with, a dog may be a better choice. She is excellent at helping keep a schedule.

What size or breed ?

There is a multitude of breeds that are well suited to living with an older adult even some large breeds, however smaller to medium dogs usually are a better fit. The following breeds are typically calm, people-pleasing, loyal, and easier to train. It is important to consider a breed with little to no prey drive Many smaller breeds are adaptable to smaller yards or apartment life. They do all love a nice daily walk and exercise, what dog doesn’t? A little fresh air, stretching the legs, a sniff, and a roll in the grass is good for everyone.

  • Poodle
  • Yorkshire Terrier/ Fox Terriers
  • Shih Tzu
  • Sharpie
  • Beagles
  • Boston Terrier
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Pugs

How much maintenance will be necessary ?

If allergies are a concern some breeds like poodles are even considered hypoallergenic. The still shed but there is less dander. Short-haired dogs shed less making home cleaning easier as well. They will need less grooming and maintenance. A smaller dog also will need less exercise.

Or perhaps now you have the time and patience want to learn to groom your dog, in that case, a dog with more maintenance might be what you want. It is fair to say once a dog touches your heart, they kind of also become the center of your world.

How often will you need veterinary visits ?

As a senior, if you living alone but no longer driving, it is smart to take into account the number of appointments dog ownership involves. Fortunately today there are several options to make life more convenient. There are mobile groomers, mobile pet transport companies, auto-shipping pet food options. It has become a very friendly world for animal lovers who want to adopt later in life. It will increase your budget for pet care, however not being able to drive, doesn’t have to be a reason NOT to adopt.

A Senior get pet insurance can be useful if unexpected expenses come up. A healthy pet is a happy one. So regular visits are important. Insurance can help offset some of the cost. However you need purchase before any pre existing conditions show up.

Dogs and Cats do require a monthly budget and often Seniors are on a fixed income, however there senior programs out there to help keep pet expenses reasonable. Seniors are encouraged to get a pet if they so choose, there are many positives.

Local Shelter Programs

Have you considered an older dog or a senior cat? There are many senior pets that need homes that would be happy to live with a senior citizen. An adult dog over 3 years old is past the young puppy stage. They are still quite active but their personality is fully developed. Unfortunately, sometimes older pets end up in the shelter because of the death of an owner. It is traumatizing to both the pet and pet parent when an owner is no longer capable of their care. The shelter is FULL of owner surrender, senior pets needing a new home. Older pets can require special care or medications. Occasionally, they are confused and lonely, in need of love, just like you might be. What a beautiful opportunity to turn a sad event into a joyful one.

Help for Seniors

Any prospective pet parent, or owner regardless of age, should have a plan in place if they can no longer care for their pet, or if their situation changes. There is no reason to let age or limited physical ability stop you from adopting a new cat or dog. It can be a life-changing event, it is MORE than just a good idea for older seniors to adopt a pet, under the right circumstances.

Often retired working dogs are also looking for a forever home. If you are looking for a specific retired breed, a rescue can offer advice. There is no reason why age should be a worry there are a lot of options.

Today there are programs at local shelters that specifically help place senior citizens with senior pets. Many shelters even offer discounted adoption fees for senior citizens.

Pets for the Elderly, is a non-profit working with shelters in 35 states, in 53 shelters that match seniors with pets.

Regardless of the animal’s age, it is important to get a clean bill of health or a proper diagnosis of any health issues. If you have the time, discipline, and resources, there is no reason not to adopt an older pet that needs medication. Like humans, dogs can develop diabetes or other ailments that are controlled by medications. It adds to the responsibilities but doesn’t mean a senior citizen and senior dog won’t be a good match.

Retired Seniors with adopted pets

Just because you want to travel in your golden years, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a pet to your family. Today well behaved leashed pets are allowed more and more places.

“Pet friendly business practices are taking root everywhere, from banks who open their doors to pets, to restaurants with special menus for dogs, to hotels that greet each pooch with a thoughtful canine welcome basket.”

In Conclusion

It is a fact of life that no one knows how long we have on this earth. Death is just a part of the circle of life. As parents and pet parents, it is always necessary to make arrangements in case the unthinkable happens unexpectedly at any age. It is equally important to make alternate arrangements for your pet should your life circumstances change. When adopting a pet make sure you have a friend or neighbor or adult child willing to help with pet care in case you can no longer do it.

If your future plans include a move to an assisted living facility, you may be able to find one that accepts pets. Many places allow pets, some even encourage others yet do not. If the facility doesn’t allow pets it may be worth asking if you can have four legged visitors.

Dogs and Cats are like the icing on a chocolate donut, Sure, the donut is good on its own, but the icing adds more. The icing adds flavor and sweetness and a lovely shine, it makes the donut just a little bit yummier.

Do not let age stop you if you want to be a hero and get a pet. Seniors have one final amazing reason to adopt a pet: LOVE We all need a little more of that!

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Are you sad your dog is getting older?

Are you afraid or worried about losing your dog? It is hard to imagine that cute puppy you just brought home, will be a senior in seven to ten short years, but it is true. Although your dog’s age in people years can vary based on breed, they simply age faster than people. To find out how old your dog really is in human years, check out this cool dog calculator here. There are several signs to look for in your dog that will give you a clue to her aging. The fact is we all are getting older yet a lot of time it sneaks up on you. If you start to notice your pup acting differently, it could just be they are getting up there in age.

Although is sad to think about losing your best friend, just because they are showing signs of old age it doesn’t mean the end. As pet parents, we can notice these subtle changes over time and help them to age gracefully. There are many things and small adjustments that can be made to preserve your pet’s quality of life as they get older.

Read on to learn about some tale-tell signs your dog is getting older and what you can do to help relieve some of their new challenges.

Her Eyes

It is pretty common for dogs to show signs of aging in their eyes. Aside from the distinguished gray hairs that tend to grow in around the eyes and muzzle, Have you noticed your old gal bumping into things? or not finding her special stuffed monkey as fast as she used to? Are her eyes slightly milky? It could be the beginning of Nuclear sclerosis. The is cloudiness, hardening, and yellowing of the central region of the lens in the eye called the nucleus. It doesn’t affect vision too much and, there is not much that needs to be done if that is the diagnosis.

This is just part of the natural aging process. Sometimes, though it can be a precursor to cataracts. To the untrained eye, they both look the same. If you notice a change in Fido’s eyes it’s best to have them checked out at the veterinarian office. Nuclear Sclerosis doesn’t need treatment but Cataracts do need to be treated with anti-inflammatory eye drops to prevent more damage. Though unlikely your dog can go completely blind, cataracts cover the eye lens and soon your dog will see more shadows and changes in the light instead of her favorite toy. Remember to have your vet check out your pup’s eyes if you have any concerns.

Hearing WHAT?

Besides eyesight, the sense of hearing can be affected by age. Age-related hearing loss in dogs is caused by degeneration in the ear. It may be difficult to notice at first as hearing loss can also happen gradually. Early warning signs may include your dog not responding to your voice as quickly. Maybe you notice your favorite old canine sleeping through noises where in her youth she would be aroused by the noise. A trip to the vet can confirm a hearing loss, although there is not much that can be done to correct it. Many pets continue to live a happy life even after their hearing is gone, or affected by the aging process. If you do discover your pet has a hearing loss, it can be helpful to be very patient and find new ways to communicate with your furry family member.

It will become important to be able to get your pet’s attention and learn to convey what you are asking him to do. They are still sensitive to vibrations without their hearing. With additional hand signals and directions, you can easily learn new ways to communicate. Even old dogs want to please their pet parents.

Anxiety in Older Dogs

As an older dog, the gradual loss of eyesight or hearing can make your dog prone to anxiety. No one likes aging, and there is really no way to explain to your dog what is going on. It can be frightening to them until they adjust. It is valuable to learn to recognize things your pet will do when they are feeling stressed. Anxiety in pets can take the form of staring off into space, confusion, or shaking. With senses diminishing, your pet may feel a little lost and lose their bearings. Occasionally your buddy will become a little clingy, or overly attached to you. Our pup at home tends to lick her lips, which is another clue that she may be feeling anxious. Like their human counterparts, anxiety is sometimes fueled by anticipation or worry about things that haven’t happened yet. Like being left alone during the day.

It is so important to offer some comfort. Spending some extra time with your elderly dog can go a long way to offer security. Maintaining a routine is always important for your dog, but especially as they age. Consistent meal times and walk times can do wonders to manage their anxiety. It gives them something to look forward to and lets them know what to expect.

If it is really disruptive and Fido isn’t adjusting or gets worse, many have found relief with CBD oil. It does work wonders without getting your dog “high”. It is easy to administer, in oil form, or treats or CBD peanut butter. We enjoy products from Petal and Tails. The cost is competitive to other local sources here in Southern California and the CBD treats are affective to calm an overstimulated pet. ( I can even get Pizza Cat to eat the treats) CBD also acts as an anti-inflammatory which helps relieve other symptoms as well. Yes, CBD is federally legal to ship anywhere in the USA.

Amazing ways CBD can help your pet


A sure-fire indication that your dog is getting up there in age is the inability for him to get up there on the bed or couch. It is common for weakness in the hind legs to become noticeable. If you notice your buddy is enjoying daily walks less often or if they are walking a little more stiff than normal, it could be age. Hip pain, muscle pain, the onset of arthritis can all affect mobility. Moving and taking walks help however, you and your friend may need to just take it slower. Take time to smell the roses on outings. You can also learn dog massage to bond with your pup and help with the pain. An orthopedic dog bed or doggie stairs to reach the bed or couch may help as well. Arthritis is a very common ailment. There is medication available to help alleviate pain and inflammation.

Weight Fluctuations as dogs age

Another sign of aging is weight gain. If your pet is not getting as much exercise and his meal size stays the same, it’s likely he might gain a little weight. The extra pound can make matters worse, so it is best to try to maintain a healthy weight. Pet obesity can lead to a lot of problems like high blood pressure, inflammation, heart disease, and joint problems. It is enjoyable to share treats and snacks with your pup, but keep in mind weight adds up. Changing your dog food to seniors and more walks can help combat weight gain.

Aging is inevitable

Annual Vet visits can help with the early detection of issues or diseases. It is easier to treat mild symptoms before they cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Although age can creep up on you, hopefully now you can recognize some of the signs of aging. With love and patience and a few adjustments getting older doesn’t have to scary or difficult for your pet. Even an older dog has moments of joy and bursts of energy, it just doesn’t happen as often and it may require a long nap afterward. But hey, naps are always good Right ?