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Sharing our knowledge and offering happy healthy lifestyle tips for pets and pet parents. We carefully research and test products that we think make life a little bit better.

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We love cats and dogs

Why do pets do that?

Exploring and sharing our answers to the question Why do they do that? Pet behaviors good, bad and the curious

Products we love

Sharing our humble opinion on products that we enjoy and those that enrich our pet's lives.

Pet Care and Maintainance

Ideas and pet tips. sharing what we know to help you enjoy a happy lifestyle with your pet.

I am Jamie, and this is Pizza (the wonder cat). He is an 11yo indoor-only cat who clearly is in charge around here. He is my muse, my critic, and my inspiration most days. We also employ a senior dog who works part-time and tests all dog products and offers her valuable opinion.

Working Hard since the Pandemic 2020

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