A Pet's lifestyle,All About Dogs and Puppies,Cats and kittens Do you have the best Halloween Costume for your Pet?

Do you have the best Halloween Costume for your Pet?

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Do you have the Best Halloween Pet Costume figured out yet? Time is ticking!

If you are thinking about dressing your pet up for the holiday, it’s time to have a little fun with your faithful companion. Even cats sometimes like to get in on the holiday dress-up fun. However, it may require a little more convincing or a few extra treats or attention. But I have seen it done.

Why Dress Your Pet? 

Dogs and Cats Halloween Costumes are readily available. It’s a fun tradition that many pet parents enjoy with their pets. 

Halloween is a good excuse to show off your pet’s personality. And perhaps a little bit of yours as well. I have known some pet parents including their dogs in the families’ Halloween Costume theme. There are a lot of creative people out there. Let’s face it is fun to play dress up and pretend even just for one night. There are also practical reasons as well. In cooler weather, a short-haired dog might enjoy writing a sweater to keep warm. A lovely pampered pooch might appreciate some rain boots to protect their feet from rain or cold. (I have known a few pet parents who appreciate their beloved pet not bringing dirt in after a walk in the rain or snow.)

Most of the time, though is just fun to make your pet the star of the show. Pets steal our hearts and we love to share the love with others. Often an outgoing socialized pet enjoys the attention of strutting around showing off a new outfit. However, a shy pet might not enjoy it as much. Pets are very much a part of the family in our eyes, and we are part of their pack in their minds. Why not include them in a little Halloween costume fun? Provided it isn’t a source of stress.

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What to consider when choosing a pet costume

There are so many fun ideas out there. It is important to remember that at first pets may resist wearing a Halloween Pet Costume. It is not always as fun for them as it is for you. That’s okay, by making it a fun bonding experience, you will have a better chance of changing a pet’s mind. Here are some things to consider.

  • Make sure it fits comfortably with plenty of room for your pet to sit, jump, stretch, and uh.. “do their business” with ease.
  • As cute as little buttons and badges can be on an outfit, they can also be a pet choking hazard. I know that my cat, goes nuts for string, like yarn, ribbon, bedroom blinds, so I really have to watch him.
  • Keep hats or face coverings that get in your pet’s face, to a minimum. It can be hard to see, hear, or breathe with a hat or bonnet on especially if they are not accustomed to wearing one. Animals use body language to communicate therefore it is something to consider when picking out a costume. It’s important to keep this a pleasant experience for your little buddy.

“When we think of canine body language we often think of tail wagging, lip curling when growling and a dog putting their hackles up.  It is so, so much more than this and there are a whole host of very subtle signals that your dog may be trying to convey without you even realising it.”


There are also amazingly fun creative DIY Halloween costumes for your pets if you are crafty type person. Check out this adorable cupcake costume for your dog from Lovelyindeed.com. It is simple, cute and looks pretty comfortable for the pup.

Other options?

If all fails and you and your pet can’t agree on a costume, there are less intrusive options. Accessories like bandanas or hair clips can add a bit of charm to an already charming dog.

Hocus Pocus Pet Bandana

Costumes Year Round? Why Not?

Additionally, many people dress their dog or cat up year-round. A Halloween Pet Costume isn’t just for fall anymore. It can be a great way to discourage licking a healing area or stitches and it is way more fashionable than a cone. It is a fun way to show support for your favorite sports team or hobby. Bonding with your pet in different ways combats boredom. As I have learned especially spending all this time at home, pets are pretty sweet and patient. They seem to enjoy spending time with as as much as we enjoy time with them. So go ahead, and share some silly adorable moments with your pet. Face it some dogs are really hams ( or goldfish?) and enjoy the camera

A big thank you to Chimmi and her family for sharing her beautiful pictures.

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