Pet Product Reviews Chompers Creations – Need a unique gift for pet owners?

Chompers Creations – Need a unique gift for pet owners?

Looking for a unique personalized gift for pet owners / parents in your life? We came across this small owned local business and fell in love with Chompers’ Creations personalized pet pillows.

I came upon this Facebook page one evening and loved this companies work. I was looking for a gift for a friend and fellow animal lover. Chompers Creations offers personalized pillows in the likeness of your pet. How cool is THAT !

What a beautiful and unique way to celebrate a furry family member. All pet parents / owners enjoy gift featuring their pet. A pillow with your pets likeness is like snuggling up with two pets ! O.K. it is not exactly like that however, This would make a great gift for a child who cant always bring his pet with him on sleepovers. Even though pets are family members, they cant always come with us on vacation, but a pillow can! It’s a loving gift for a remembrance gift for a pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge. It is perfect for a pet owner who just really loves their pet and who likes to accessories.

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Our Experience and Review

I placed an order via Facebook with Jennie I got a quote and I chose a photo of the star pet and messengered it off. She filled the order quickly. I asked if she would include a note. She graciously included a note for me. Once the pillow was completed, she send me a picture before she shipped it It was mailed quickly as stated. She send delivery information. The transaction was very smooth.

The work of art pillow is made of a fleece material is can easily be hand washed in cool water when it needs it. I am certain this will get some love and need a spot clean form time to time. We use this at home for all our important delicate laundry …. or all of it actually..

I was very happy with the service and gift. More importantly my friend loved the gift. Everyone needs a little extra gift of love these days. Chompers Creations helps to offer a creative way to make that happen. Giving a pillow is like giving a hug.

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