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National Walk your dog week


October 1, 2020 kicks off National walk your dog week

Walking your dog is an important and enjoyable part of dog ownership. It helps maintain a happy bond, as well as provides mental stimulation and exercise to your pets life.

I don’t know about you but at our house, the dog gets a walk almost every day of the week. Here in Southern California sometimes it does get too hot to go out, but we make the effort to go either early or late in the evening. Lucky for the dog, we all have different schudules, so often we all have a turn taking her out at different times during the day.

Ways walking keep you and your pet healthy

  • Fosters a bond – My dog pal is actually my roommates senior Goldendoodle. I have lived here for a few years, but it wasn’t until this year that we have been taking regular walks. It has completely changed my relationship with her. In fact, it has even helped her and Pizza my cat get along better as well. I feel like we have bonded and now we spend time together daily working from home.
  • Great exercise for both of us. – It is hard to get motivated sometimes. However, it is important that dogs (and people) get regular exercise. I am not going to lie, at first it was a challenge to get into a routine. Now that is has been months we have a routine down. We have both build muscle mass and have gone from just a few minutes to 30 minutes on most days. It took a while to build up our distance and speed.
  • Fights canine obesity– originally this holiday was founded by Colleen Paige. She founded it to bring awareness to canine obesity and behavior.
  • Helps with “senior” ailments– as dog’s age, many breeds develop arthritis. Regular exercise helps with joint mobility and can help keep the pain at bay. Regular walks strengthen leg muscles and help maintain a healthy weight. Over the last few months, you can really see a difference in our pup’s leg muscles.
  • Mental Health /Bordem Buster – The quickest way I have found to get in a better headspace is to walk it out. The same holds true for my sweet canine friend. It gets boring just hanging out in the air conditioning all day alone, without entertainment. I can tell when she starts getting restless. On our walks, she thoroughly enjoys the stimulation of all the sights and smells of the neighborhood. She has her favorite lawns to roll on, and her favorite spot to leave her mark. It is important to keep pets stimulated. A happy pet is more likely to be a well-behaved pet.
  • Combats Stress
  • Helps with sleep issues– It is no fun when the animals we restless when the household is trying to sleep.
  • Socialization– It is fun to meet other dogs in the neighborhood, it is good for the doggo. For someone like myself, who is a little awkward and shy sometimes, my pet pal is a great ice breaker. Often I get asked her breed and I have something I can confidently talk about until my nerves settle meeting a new person.

Tips for a stress-free walk

  • Choose an appropriate collar with i.d., leash, or harness for your dog. -It should fit comfortably, yet well enough in case, during your walk your dog pulls the leash more this week. It is exciting to be out and about. enthusiasm can get the best of even the most well-behaved pet.
  • Doggy poop bags.– A given. Scooping the poop is an unpleasant yet necessary part of the adventure. Make sure you have them before you go. Your neighbors stay happy, and your neighborhood stays clean. win-win.
  • Know your route. – We have several routes around the neighborhoods near home. We change it up, turn left instead of right.
  • Snacks– o.k. training treats “whatever.” I don’t always take these but sometimes it is fun. If we are working on new tricks, I like to change it up. We already know how to shake paws in the kitchen with a treat in hand, But what if we are in the middle of a walk?
  • Walk when the weather is nice. -Here is Southern California we don’t usually have extremely cold days. However, in the heat of summer and early fall, it gets extremely hot. Especially for little paws. Cement and asphalt can reach much higher temperatures than just the ambient air. It is important to check to make sure it’s not too hot. If you can’t stand barefoot on the driveway, neither can your dog. It is always disappointing to hear are those words “Let’s Go” (code for let’s walk), get excited and all geared up, then step outside and have to come back indoors. I have learned to check before I offer to take her out.
  • Protection– Unfortunately, being approached or worse, chased down by a stray dog while on a relaxing walk is VERY STRESSFUL. So I recommend also carry a loud whistle , alarm or a flashlight with you. 99% of the time a peaceful walk around the neighborhood is uneventful. But, there is that one time a stray dog, coyote, or other wildlife comes too close for comfort. A deterrent can help in keeping you and your pet safe.

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In conclusion, October 1-7, National Walk your dog week, is a great reminder to get out there and enjoy time with your little buddy. If you don’t already go for regular walks, maybe it can challenge you to start a new routine and get moving. It is good for everyone and an enjoyable way to start or end your day.

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