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How to Choose the Right Indestructible Chew Toys for Your Dog

You love to see your dog playing, right?

Our best friends love toys, but beware, not all of them are suitable for all dogs. It can be hard to choose the right indestructible chew toy for your dog. The furry ones also have their personal preferences. In this post, we give you some tips to find the most appropriate toys for your pet. Why are dog toys important? Play is an important part of your dogs life.

There are simple factors to help choose the right chew toy for your dog. Consider age, as a puppy has different needs than an adult or senior dog. Different breeds have different needs as well. Labradors, Border Collies, Chihuahuas, Beagles, and Jack Russels are more aggressive chewers and require indestructible toys when possible. How active is your dog? Is your dog alone during the day and needs stimulation? or does he have a buddy to hang with?

During puppyhood, a toy is a relief when they are teething and have the need to chew a lot. Toys also provide comfort and entertainment. In addition to regular lessons, puppies also learn through play. Proper toys are very important to their happy development. Puppies are very active and need stimulation to keep them out of trouble and positively entertained.

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As an adult dog, toys serve to reinforce the bond with their owner and also helps it develop its intelligence and control the biting instinct. Even dogs like puzzles. It is important adult dogs have safe toys to play with when home alone. Toys help combat boredom and offer aggressive chewers a way to stay busy and without being destructive.

For senior dogs, play helps delay cognitive decline. Play is a great way for older pets to get some exercise and stay mentally active as well. Choosing interacting toys for your old furry friend helps keep their brains sharp and active.

Finally playing is FUN! Seeing my dog play with her stuffed monkey brings me as much joy as it does for her. Bonding and playing with your pet is a stress relief for both of you. We all need more joy and laughter.

What factors to consider when choosing a lasting toy for your dog

If you are looking to choose the for the right toy for your dog you will have to take into account the particular characteristics of your pet:

1.Age – It is not the same if you are looking for a toy for a puppy than an adult or a senior dog.

2 .Size- The same happens with small, medium, or large breeds; each one has different needs according to its size.

3. Behavior and activity- The most active dogs will need a tough, almost indestructible toy. The importance of choosing one or the other is not only that the toy can break quickly or that the animal does not enjoy it as much as we would like, but it is also that, if it breaks or is torn, the dog could swallow some part obstructing the trachea or the intestine. Sometimes it will take some trial and error to find the best toy solution suitable for your dog.

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Types of Dog Toys

When you choose a toy for your dog, you will see that there is a great variety and that they are made of different materials. . There are literally hundreds of option, balls, ropes, treat dispensing, and interactive toy options. For your pets safety try to choose an indestructible chew toy so there is peace of mind Fido can safely play while you are away. Below we will see some of them. Each one is indicated and is appropriate for a type of dog and specific activity.

• Stuffed or Plush Toys Who doesn’t love a stuffed animal? They are soft, squishy, and made of cotton stuffing. These qualities can benefit puppies that are not yet strong in their jaws and do not harm their teeth. But if your dog is big and very restless, it will be a nightmare because it is most likely that he breaks it immediately and you will have to be all day with the broom behind him sweeping stuffing. Also, the insides can be a choking hazard or cause intestinal issues if swallowed. Yikes! Some soft toys often have squeakers, bells, or crinkly sounds to stimulate dogs. Soft toys for loving dogs, yes, but not for the unruly ones. Ideal for: Puppies or senior dogs without much desire to gut. Fortunately, you can choose a plush animals without stuffing , vitually indestructible chew toy providing hours of entertainment.

• Latex toys- Toys made of 100% latex are stronger than stuffed animals. If your puppy asks for some fun, give him some with one of these that will not harm his teeth, and endure a playful puppy. and all that energy. Ideal for: Puppies.

• Rubber toys- If perhaps, you are searching for a durable, heavy, and stiff toy, the rubber one is ideal. They are best suited for adult dogs with a tendency to break toys. Ideal for: Adult dogs of medium breeds.

• Vinyl toys Something harder than rubber? Yes, of course. Are you looking for an off-road toy, for the furry active pet you have at home? Vinyl toys are the hardest and most resistant. But watch out! You have to look at its shape and measurements; ideally, it should have a sufficient thickness and a strong texture so that the dog does not swallow it or break it in two. Ideal for: Large breed adult dogs.

• Natural Treats. Although I appreciate that treats such as hooves, ears, and rawhide are whole natural products, they also have risks. Rawhide, especially can splinter, pose a choking hazard, and cause intestinal problems rawhide is not easily digestible. It can also harbor bacteria. Dogs do enjoy the flavor, and they are fun for active chewers. It is one toy that should only be given under supervision. A great alternative is a bully stick. Still a natural product but more easily digestible. They are also long-lasting and highly caloric perfect for a growing puppy.

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Here are a few more important things to consider

To keep Fido safe and healthy, I recommended that you read the labels and make sure you purchase only BPA and phthalate-free products. Your pet will be chewing and playing with these toys and have the potential of breaking them down. Your pet’s health is important and there is some evidence to suggest that chemicals in things such as vinyl and plastic and rubber can leech out and cause harm. However, with a little awareness, it is easy to find the best chemical-free toy. In addition, when introducing a new toy with a different material look out for signs of an allergic reaction.
YES ! even a dog can have a latex or plastic allergy! Fortunately, it is usually not an issue. If you do notice new unusual itching, bumps, rashes, or hair loss consider a new toy as the culprit.

Are you clearer now, which is the most suitable toy for your active canine? The key is to opt for one with a size appropriate to your dog’s morphology and needs

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