What type of litter is best for a new kitten?

Cats have an instinct to cover their feces to avoid the smell. This instinct can be beneficial for you if you are keeping a pet cat in your home. Several types of litter boxes are available in the market, which offers you the best option to avoid your cat’s feces smell.

Traditionally, clay litter has been used as a best choice for this purpose. But nowadays, there are several types of litters having different qualities. This article will educate you about the qualities of various litter types available to select the best from all available litter types.

Some people don’t choose special cat litter; rather, they prefer using some things available near their home such as dust, sand, animal beddings, chicken feed, etc. But these alternatives are not useful for long-term use because of dust, smell, parasites, etc. Another important thing to take in mind is whether your car likes or dislikes the litter. It is an important thing to consider while purchasing a litter for your cat.

1.    Clay litter

Clay litter is the most popular type of cat litter. Because of its easy availability and an established litter type, clay litter is the most used litter all around. It is available in low dust and dust-free options. Other varieties of clay litter include scented and non-scented, large clay pieces and fine clay particle litters. Clay litter turns into a softer wet cement-like structure after absorbing the urine.

Furthermore, clay litters are also available in clumping and non-clumping varieties. Some people prefer clumping clay litter in which the part of clay that absorbs urine becomes clumpy, and you can waste it. Some people prefer inexpensive regular non-clumping clay litter, which they waste as a whole when it is necessary.

2.    Silica litter

Silica litter is more expensive than a same-weight bag of clay litter. But silica gel litter lasts longer than clay litter. Many companies advertise silica gel litter as a better option than clay litter. In addition, they claim it is not as dusty as clay litter, absorbs urine, and you don’t need to scoop it out, offers a great smell, lasts longer, and is preferred by cats over clay litter.

It is expensive than clay litter, and some varieties of silica gel litter possess color change indicators to indicate the urinary system’s health. Some pet parents don’t see a difference in price as silica gel litter lasts longer than an equal amount of clay litter.

This is one of my favorites litter material and this is what we use. I am a big fan of Kitty Poo Club, a disposable litter box delivery service. We have tried several of the litter options they have and have always come back to their basic silica. We live in a small space and it is effective especially in the summer when it is hot and the box seems to be more noticeable in the small space.

3.    Pine litter

Pine litter is also one of the popular litter types because of its ability to fight off the odor. As the name indicates, pine litter is made of pine trees. In addition, it is famous for its lightweight and no dust characteristic. Because of its lightweight, it is softer than clay litter and easy to use and manage. Most people don’t prefer clay litter because of more weight and difficulty managing the litter box.

Pet parents prefer pine litter because they consider it more environment friendly and cherish its natural ability to fight off a bad odor. They are available in both clumping and non-clumping varieties.

4.    Wheat litter

Wheat litter is just like pine litter and is famous for its eco-friendly nature. Furthermore, it is a good alternative for clay litter, but it comprises processed wheat. It is pet parent-friendly as you can flush its clumps after absorbing urine. They naturally control the odor as there are no added dyes or perfumes in the wheat litter. When your cat urinates, it converts into a sawdust-like structure, and you can easily scoop it out of the box.

5.    Grass litter

Despite less commonly available, grass litter can also be an alternative to traditional clay litter. Structurally it is like pine and wheat litter types, but it is biodegradable dry grass seed litter. It also possesses the same characteristics of clumping as other litter types. When your cat urinates, it clumps so that you can easily scoop the waste out. Many pet parents avoid added dyes and chemicals, and to their desire, it doesn’t contain any. It is low dust litter and is soft and light as compared to clay litter.

6.    Corn litter

In the list, the next better alternative to clay litter is corn litter. Mostly it is available in scented variety, but it still is biodegradable litter. Comprising of dry corn kernels, it is lighter than clay litter. When your cat urinates, it forms clumps that are to scoop out. There are some varieties of corn litter that attract cat’s attention. There are some concerns over corn litter about mold growth. The main issue is about the aflatoxins that can be deadly for your cat. Contrary to that, companies offer aflatoxins-free corn litters.

7.    Walnut shell litter

Modern cat litter has expanded its varieties, and there is an available walnut shell litter type. Walnut shell litter has shown more absorbency than clay litter type, works great for odor control clumps. Low dust makes this litter type more popular, and some companies are offering red or brown color litter depending on your cat’s choice. Ground-up granular walnut shell litter is biodegradable.

8.    Paper litter

Among all other litter types, paper litter is popular among pet parents with cat paw injuries. Paper litter is recycled and processed paper or simply the waste newspaper. These litter types have low dust, and they offer little or no concern for irritating wounds. They are softer than clay litter and have no fragrance. Paper litter doesn’t form clumps and doesn’t control the bad odor very well. For these reasons, pet parents use them for short-term periods.

Final thoughts

Concludingly, you should choose the type of litter that suits your household environment and is liked by your cat. You can select the specific variety of cat litter based on their characteristics and your ease of management. A variety of litters will make your choice and life easy with pet cats.

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Cat food

Is dry food or wet better for cats?

Today in this world where a variety of cat foods are available, a pet parent is always confused about the best food for his cat. This situation may not develop if pet parents don’t have various options. I am saying this because the main purpose of a pet parent is not feeding his cat a specific type of food. But, the main purpose of a pet parent is to feed his cat a balanced food according to the cat’s requirements. Similarly, the question is not whether cats need wet food or dry food. The question is whether wet food or dry food fulfills the requirements of cats. 

Answering the question, I will educate pet parents in this article about the balanced food their cats need.

What type of nutrients my cat needs?

Cats are obligate carnivores, and they prefer eating animal source nutrients. Moreover, by evolution, they have adapted themselves as predators. Animals who are predators mostly rely on animal protein. Likewise, the main nutrient in their diet must be protein. Other than proteins, they need fats and carbohydrates in lesser amounts. Besides, they also need several other nutrients in small amounts like vitamins, minerals, etc. 

Is Catnip beneficial for cats?

The important thing to understand is your cat needs all the nutrients in a balanced quantity that suits the body’s requirements. Any nutrient more or less than the required quantity is not good for your cat. Therefore, if you provide your cat a balanced diet comprising all the essential nutrients in a balanced quantity, there is no need for additional supplements. Additional supplements include vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. They are usually available in fewer quantities in most diets.

To evaluate whether your cat needs wet food or wet food is more beneficial than other foods, we shall know a little bit about other food types.

Dry food

The name dry food defines it properly as it contains little water contents, about 5-10%. Dry food usually makes the pet parent at ease as cats eat as it offers the “free choice” feeding. Cats don’t create mess eating dry foods. Making dry foods, the producers combine, extrude and dry all the essential nutrients. They make bite-sized pieces that can be easily edible by your cat. Mostly, dry foods include the following essential nutrients.

1. Meat/meat by-products

2. Chicken/chicken by-products

3. Grain/grain by-products

4. Milk

5. Fiber

6. Fish

7. Vitamins

8. Minerals

These nutrients make up the requirements of your cat. Dry pieces are further coated with fats to make the food more palatable. However, dry foods are still less palatable for cats than semi-moist or moist/wet foods. Although it does provide the very basic nutrition, it is not my first choice to feed my guy, it will work in a pinch. Pet parents find it easy to use dry foods for their cats. They usually purchase a lot of dry food and let the cat eat it periodically. But you must ensure that the remaining food you store must be in an air-tight container to avoid contamination and fat rancidity. Since kittenhood, this is the dry food we have bought for Pizza. Although he primarily eats his wet food , I still keep this around in case he needs to snack. Every cat is different, he is still very svelt in in older years so I don’t need to worry about obesity.

Semi-moist food

Semi-moist food mainly contains meat and meat by-products and 35% moisture contents. It makes the food more palatable and increases the diet-based water contents for your cat. Other nutrients present in semi-moist food are grain by-products, cereals, meals, and preservatives to make it a complete product. Semi-moist foods are more expensive than dry foods but are mid-range. Cats usually prefer it over dry food because of increased palatability. After opening the package, the remaining food may dry out. It decreases palatability and increases the chances of rancidity.

Another option is add a gravy packet TO the dry food. It is a nice treat and adds extra moisture to your cats diet.

Wet food

Wet foods are famous for their highest water contents, about 75%. All essential nutrients that are present in dry foods are also present in wet foods. As a plus point, wet food contains the highest diet-based water content and is more palatable. For finicky eater cats, wet food is the best choice. It adds variety to the taste. Cats usually don’t like eating the same food daily. Therefore, you should consider a variety into taste and offer her more wet food.

Canned foods have the longest shelf life, but after opening, you should place the remaining food into the refrigerator to maintain its taste.

What benefits can my cat enjoy eating wet food?

Well, wet foods have the same nutritional value as dry food. As a plus point, they contain more diet-based water and add more taste to the diet making it highly palatable and digestible. The digestibility and palatability of wet foods make them the preferred choice of cats. The potential benefits your cat can enjoy with wet food are as follows.

Better overall hydration

Cats usually don’t prefer to drink water from the water bowl or the dish. They consider themselves vulnerable while drinking water from the bowl. In addition, some cats usually prefer drinking water from the fountain. Concludingly it isn’t easy to let your cat drink enough water to meet the daily requirement. Therefore, there must be an alternative solution for cats to fulfill their water requirement. And nothing is better than wet foods. It contains essential nutrients, makes the food more palatable, and fulfills the water requirements in addition.

Lean body mass

Wet foods mainly contain protein contents which promote the growth and development of Lean Body Mass (LBM). Cat’s weight comprises two types of masses, LBM and FBM. Lean body mass is of muscles, ligaments, organs, bones, and wet foods promoting the LBM.

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Adds variety

Cats are mostly picky eaters, and they prefer a variety of foods to eat daily. Wet food solves the problem and provides your cat with a variety of foods with increased palatability. Moreover, you should purchase the food that AAFCO approves as AAFCO’s experts have maintained a standard for feline basic minimum standards of nutritional requirements. All pet foods carry an AAFCO approved label on the bag, and these foods are considered nutritionally balanced and complete.

Final thoughts

You are now aware of the nutritional requirements and different types of cat foods available. I have explained the comparative nutritional benefits of different types of food. In conclusion, you should not rely on only one type of food. Rather, you should provide a variety of foods meeting your cat’s nutritional requirements.

8 Common reasons your cat is meowing at you

A Cat begins meowing at you for several reasons. hunger, boredom even pain. Being vocal is a form of communication. Sometimes it is cute however in the middle of the night it can become a problem. Knowing the why behind the meow can be useful.

From birth, kittens can make a noise or a “cry” similar to a meow. Kittens depend on their mother for their immediate survival. They cry or meow to express their needs. A kitten cries when they are hungry, thirsty, cold, scared, or lost. If you have ever heard a lost kitten, you know it one of the most effective ways to let mama cats know where they are hiding.

As kittens get older and don’t need their mother as much, their vocalization changes. As they become more independent, the need to cry for their mother cat dwindles.

Enter their human pet parents.

Dare I admit, as a new kitten owner, we take on the role of a mama cat and baby our furry ones. We become responsible to feed nurture and care for our new family members. We speak to them often they also often hear television or radio. When they meow we respond. They notice how we talk to each other. In the wild a feral cat vocalized less often just to warn others.

about us pizza the wondercat
Pizza the Wonder Cat circa. 2010 approx. 2 months old

Common Reasons for being Vocal

How often do you chat with your cat? I personally talk to Pizza the wonder cat all the time. Studies have shown cats mainly meow to humans, not to each other. In addition to imprinting and purring, over time we have taught cats that vocalizing is a great way to communicate with us. (Who has trained who?)

What is my feline buddy trying to say?

Hunger or thirsty

I often get reminded that it is breakfast time ( or dinner time….or snack time ). I get a meow to remind me that my guy is hungry. There is a quick meow and a happy insistent chirps as I open the wet food can. ( occasionally he will even offer a little paw for help… I’d be in trouble if Pizza had opposable thumbs). Undoubtedly though, if he meows enough he will get fed, or get a treat. ( Yes, I have spoiled him)

To make it known they want out

We live in a “blended household” which means we spend a lot of time in our space. There is a beautiful dog at home BUT given our unique circumstances, time with the cat and dog needs to be supervised. Occasionally my cat will meow at the door to be let out of the room. Sometimes I think it is because he is talking to the dog.

What is your pet really trying to say ?

Hello , I missed you

Pizza is very quick to show that he missed me . Often he can hear me come in the front door and begins calling to me. This has been a life long habit of his, one he had done throughout all the different places we have lived.

Does my cat love me?

Fear or Pain

I don’t hear this type of meow from my guy very often. However, lately, if the dog does bark unexpectedly at him and scares him, he does let out a different meow than normal. It’s louder and with more “cattitude”. In our case, it is not usually accompanied by any other signs of fear (raised hackled or claws drawn) so I just make sure the dog and cat are monitored when together in a room. It is a warning to “watch out you are scaring me.”


Some breeds are just more vocal than others. Bengals, Siamese are known for their propensity to be more vocal.

Sometimes products like Feliway can be useful. It is plug in diffuser that mimics the pheromones, promoting a feeling of calm.

Worrisome reasons the cat is meowing at you


If your cat suddenly meowing more than usual? It is possible they are extra thirsty because of disease. Thyroid or kidney disease can result in excess thirst. If you are concerned it is best to get your kitty to a veterinarian to rule out an issue. At times medications or supplements like CBD also cause dry mouth. Be aware and make sure your cat has enough water available.


It is quite common for an older cat to begin more frequent meowing as they age. Cognitive function lessens and old cats become more vocal because of it. They may forget what they want and verbalize their confusion. Perhaps it is equivalent to walking into a room and forgetting why you went.

Desire to mate

An unaltered male or female cat also meow or more likely yowl, when the urge to mate hits. I have heard the long loud, meow from feral cats outside. It is an undeniable sound, designed to attract a suitable mate. An altered cat generally doesn’t do this.


As you can see, cats are pretty smart. We have taught them the fine art of communicating to get their desires known. I think that is pretty clever. Cats definitely have a lot of things on their mind and are not shy about letting us know about it. It is fun and informative to pay attention to the ways your little buddy is trying to communicate with you.

catnip cat

Is Catnip Good for Cats?

Catnip is a recreational herb enjoyed by many cats all over the world. Nepeta cataria as it is also known by is a member of the mint family. This lovely green perennial has a reputation for attracting cats and driving them crazy, in a good way. As turns out, it has an active ingredient called Nepetalactone found in the leaves, stems, and seeds of the plant…

But is it good for cats? YES! Its scents are very stimulating to cats that react to it and encourages play and exercise. Catnip doesn’t harm cats, in fact, my cat Pizza prefers his catnip toys to his other ones. It is nonaddictive and doesn’t cause harm.

According to a new video from the American Chemical Society, Nepetalactone is a terpenoid, this class of chemicals is also found in cloves, ginger, and cannabis. This chemical actually an aphid sex pheromone designed to attract pests. Additionally, the pheromone also attracts the aphids’ natural predator so aphids fall into a natures trap, and the catnip can thrive. Now that we know WHY Catnip makes pheromones, how does it affect cats, and is it good for cats? Read on…

Only approximately, 60%-65% of cats react to its effects. There is a part of a cat’s brain “Jacobson’s organ” that makes the cat reacts to the scent. The scent enters the nasal passages and nepetalactone reacts with proteins in the cat’s brain. It triggers parts of the brain and evokes a behavior similar to that of a cat pheromone. It is fascinating to me how CBD isn’t the only natural chemical that reacts to the brain.

How do cats react to catnip?

Although catnip can be used to help with anxiety, like CBD oil, mostly it makes your cat feel frisky, it has even been called a cat aphrodisiac. Science is so interesting sometimes. Sadly, a cat’s reactions are a genetic trait, some cats have the trait and some don’t. Kitten under 6 weeks is not usually affected by catnip but it is usually evident by 6 months of age if your kitten will enjoy the benefits a little catnip from time to time.  

Ways Catnip can be beneficial for cats?

  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety
  • It encourages the use of scratching post
  • Promotes socialization
  • Inexpensive natural product. It is even easy to grow at home.
  • Reduced Boredom for indoor cats

When playing with a catnip-filled toy, often cats get excited and roll around. It’s fun to watch them enjoy themselves. Some cats start to vocalize, others just enjoy rubbing there faces on the toy and purr with joy.

Cats enjoy the stimulation that usually lasts for about 15-30 min followed by a deep relaxation. Often a cat will take a long nap after play. A catnip filled toy can be a great tool to help entice a shy or anxious cat in a new surrounding, to come out and play. Catnip can be hard to resist. Even large cats like tigers and cheetahs enjoy the benefits of catnip.

Pizza’s experience with Catnip

 We have enjoyed Catnip form from time to time. In my experience, Pizza gets really curious. He gets pretty active and playful he likes to bite and kick, which is perfectly normal behavior.

Sometimes cats may even eat catnip or drool with excitement while playing. It is safe to ingest, there are even catnip treats available on the market. When eaten it appears to relax the cat. without the enthusiasm of the scent. Some treats combine catnip with CBD oil. great for stressful times like car rides or company. Occasionally a cat can get a little aggressive “under the influence” of catnip. If you are bringing catnip home for the first time, be aware your feline buddy might get a little wild, fortunately, it will only last for a few minutes. Once olfactory fatigue sets in, then it is nap time.

Fortunately, Catnip is 100% nontoxic, however, overuse leads to laziness and lack of interest. Just kidding, however, It is considered a mild feline hallucinogen, and leaving catnip toys out about once a week is best. Playing with catnip toys too often does lead to a lack of effect. For my indoor-only cat, I like to rotate between catnip scented toys and his favorite treat puzzles.

Kitty Kick Styx

Good Alternatives to Catnip

For that 30% of the cat population that isn’t affected by catnip, there is an alternative. 

Valerian Root – It contains the chemical actinidine. Although it is different and not related to catnip, it is just as effective on cats. Its euphoric effects and relaxation does last longer. It may be more useful if you know your cat will be in a stressful situation, a little playtime with some valerian root beforehand might help. 

Pizza’s experience with Valerian Root

My experience with Valerian Root? Pizza enjoys catnip and will have a good time with his toys. But Valerian Root? He reacts INSANE to Valerian. I found out the hard way. that he is in love with it. Making a special trip to the herb store, I bought some valerian root for tea for myself. Often used as a sleep aid I was looking for a natural alternative to sleeping pills. I was warned that it has a very distinct odor often compared to “dirty socks” but I had heard it was effective and non-habit forming.

I turned my back for one minute and left my purchase on the counter. Being the big curious boy that Pizza is, one minute was all it took, he quickly found my bag of loose tea and tore it to pieces. Stinky Valerian root tea was all over the floor…. Who would have been able to predict cats react to something other than Catnip?  Boy, was he a HAPPY cat! Rolling all over it, whispering sweet nothings into the air, purring loudly. It had the opposite effect on me. I was not as happy, but I got over it. More importantly, I learned that there was more than one benefit of Valerian Root.

Valerian Root Powder

Yes, catnip is good for cats. A non-toxic natural herb that brings a little joy and calmness for your feline friend. The world is a stressful place, especially today. It is important to have a little fun and enjoy yourself and spend time with your cat. .

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pet loss dog deal

How to deal with pet loss

In 2003 I got a puppy from my local shelter, and 2018 is when I had to say my final goodbye to my beloved pet dog Ginger. It is always hard to deal with pet loss. It is heartbreaking and there is a grief period. Honor the loss and allow your self time to heal. Our pets are like family.

Are you noticing your dog getting older?

Writing has always been a way to sort my thoughts. Let me share a diary excerpt about when I said was able to say goodbye to my dear friend. My life circumstances changed in 2007 and Ginger went to live with family members. In 2018 near the end of her life, I was able to go for a visit and I knew it would be the last time I saw her.

“Not much else has reminded me of the passage of time than my girl. Looking at the grey along the muzzle, and the contrast of her dark eyes and the white mask she wears around her eyes, I see how time has marched on. Today, I am so grateful though, that she has been so loved over the years and equally grateful she grew up loved and with kids around.

Today she close to 15yo, old, grey and boney. Her legs are tired and weak unless she’s on a walk. Age has taken its toll, her ribs stick out, her spine is predominate. With every sneeze or ear shake, her body shimmies as if she’s doing a little dance,  in reality, she struggles to catch her balance. She is alert and her eyes are a deep dark brown, yet with every snap of a twig or unexpected noise, she jumps. Either her mind wanders off or her hearing is distorted, personally, I like to think its the previous.

In her Youth….

And In my mind,  I still see her as a puppy, a troublesome curious pup, who steals loaves of bread from unintended grocery bags and the one who continually squeaks her toys into submission. I almost bought her a new one this visit….it would have only served as a reminder of her youth, not something she would enjoy today,  at least not in the same way.

This trip to Oregon had many things on the to-do list. It occurred to me about Tuesday that this will most likely be my last time to say goodbye to this old girl. Today she is hanging..but she is well, old. Still with a little spirit though. Apparently, she escaped the yard and spend a night in doggie jail recently…she has a mug shot now. She also still sly enough to ask for pets, charm those around her, and ask for treats.

I got to walk her today and will walk her again a few more times before I go home. There was the opportunity to lay with her today and cry and thank her. I long time ago when I needed someone she was there, just there. Lying on the couch with me all through the night, She was chubby then and her legs would stick straight off the couch, with her back next to me. In my darkest of times, she had my back..that’s what dogs do, share unconditional love. That was a lifetime ago. Time marches on.. yup…” June 2018

When your Pet Dies: A guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing

Although we only had about four years together, we were bonded. She was my girl. She lived out of state for many years and it was hard to go see her. We were apart for about five years the first time I was able to go visit. her with her new family When I walked in the door, she remembered me and immediately she came right over and sat next to me. I left so loved and it was really sweet after all that time. Dogs absolutely remember their owners.

Coping with Feelings of Loss and Grief

Let’s look at ways you can deal with the pet loss in a healthy way, and ease the pain.

Allow yourself to grieve. I feel very lucky I had time to say goodbye and spend some quality time before the end. It can be traumatic to lose a pet and it is o.k. to feel sad. It is a big deal. No one should belittle your feelings of loss.

Release the guilt – We are caretakers, and often at the end of a pet’s life, it is we have to make heartbreaking decisions. Should we do more? Is my fur baby in pain? Have I done all I can do? Sometimes when saying goodbye is the best option, guilt can take hold. It is a very difficult decision, but trust it is the right one for you and your pet.

Express your feeling about it. Write, Paint, Talk about it with friends. Don’t hold your feeling in. Pets are a wonderful part of our lives. They offer unconditional love, act as an unbiased soundboard, they are an exercise buddy. For us, single folks pets are day to day companions. Seriously, I even share my pillow and blankets with Pizza and an offer bite or two from my plate. …

Seek out support a support group either online or locally. Today Oct 2020 most of our life is turned to an online lifestyle. If you are isolated and having trouble dealing with pet loss, please check out VetVine They are a virtual zoom support group hosted by a group facilitator. Sharing and talking about your feeling is a healthy way to help get past the loss.

Memorialize your pet. It is good to have a ceremony to feel a sense of closure. There are other great ways to keep your pet in your memory. Frame photos of your pet, make a donation in your pet’s name, plant a tree, or shrub in your pet’s honor.

Pet Memorial Glass Art

Take your time take as much time as you need. It is your journey of grief. Some pet owners have other pets at home and decide to adopt soon. Other people feel the need to wait. It is absolutely fine either way. Only you , will know if and when, you will be ready to get another pet.

Custom Pet Urn

Grieving Pet Loss is Normal

Animals become our best friends and confidants. It can be challenging to deal with pet loss. It is very common to go through different stages.

“Losing a beloved pet is often an emotionally devastating experience. Yet as a society, we do not recognize how painful pet loss can be and how much it can impair our emotional and physical health.”

scientific american.com
  • Guilt
  • Sadness
  • Loneliness
  • Anger
  • Depression

The loss of a pet is inevitable they only live for a fraction of time compared to our lives. Yet, they share a history with us and create memories with us. For some of us, they become our closest family members. I am dreading the day when I will have to say goodbye to my feline buddy, but pets bring such joy to my life I can’t imagine not having them around. Remember to be gentle with yourself. You are not alone. Pet loss is not something you have to deal with alone.

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cbd oil

Amazing Ways CBD / Hemp Extract Oil Can Help Your Pets

If you anything like me, I would love to find something that gives the dog some relief from her arthritis, and Pizza the Cat’s anxiety. Giving your pets a dose of Cbd oil may be the answer. It is pretty fascinating how the body and CBD/Hemp Extract oil work together. There is a definitive science behind the amazing ways CBD/Hemp extract oil can help your pet.

Like humans, your furry family members have receptors in the brain that react to cannabinoids found in hemp extract or CBD oil. Basically, cannabis plants and hemp both produce Phytocannabinoids that connect with those cannabinoid receptors in the brain of cats and dogs, and other mammals, like us. Yes, in case you are wondering, you can give CBD meant for humans to your pets. CBD is safe for dogs and cats, as long as it does not contain THC.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Even better, CBD or Hemp Extract oil can help your pets relax and manage pain without a “high”. In fact, scientists speculate that CBD even has an effect on homeostasis ( or the body’s ability to maintain itself regardless of external conditions). It is still a new market, and we have a lot to learn about its benefits. Personally, I am excited about a natural product with such potential for helping our furry family members in a way that is considered effective and safe.

What ailment can Pet Cbd/ Hemp oil help my pets from?

Stress from new surroundings, people or other pets- also noises like fireworks, loud neighbors, house parties, etc.., band practice. Cbd can help alleviate the symptoms of old age.

Cancer/ and Nausea from Chemotherapy – had been shown to help boost the immune system, help with pain, and promote weight gain.

Seizures- It has been researched and studies have come back hopeful. There is so much we don’t know yet, but in conjunction with prescribed medicine, some dogs responded better with fewer seizures with the addition of CBD hemp extract oil.

Separation Anxiety -Since CBD works with the pet cannabinoid receptors an appropriate dose can help promote a calm and sense of well-being.

Arthritis/Joint Pain – CBD shares metabolic pathways with anti-inflammatory drugs. The cool part about that is pain caused by inflammation like arthritis or joint pain should benefit from CBD oil at the correct dosage.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease-CBD Oil has been shown to help decrease intestinal inflammation, as well as promoting weight gain, which is so important when pets start to lose weight due to illness.

Surgery /Injury Recovery- Pain management

Skin Allergies- relieves reactions and has been shown to help ease itchiness.

CBD Oil vs. Hemp extract Oil vs Hemp Seed oil. Do they all help?

In case you are wondering, to be very clear, CBD is a compound found both in hemp plants and marijuana. Hemp and “Mary Jane” are both a part of the same varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant with hemp containing more CBD and minimal THC. but they are not the same plant. ( I love the analogy that oranges and lemons are both citrus but not the same. fruit. But both Citrus fruits provide the necessary Vitamin C to our bodies. Similarily, hemp, and “weed” both provide CBD that can be used to heal.

Today, Hemp extracted CBD oil is currently legal in all 50 states for use with pets, however, Marijuana extracted CBD is not.

But Hemp SEED oil comes from hemp seeds. There is minimal if ANY amount of CBD oil. There are still anti-inflammatory properties in hemp seed oil, however, if you are looking for the benefit of hemp EXTRACT or CBD specifically, beware that hemp oil is not the same. Please read your labels.

** Fun ( or not so fun) Fact* Amazon doesn’t allow the sell products with CBD. You really need to know what you want to be purchasing. The labeling is ridiculously confusing. PRETTY SNEAKY if you ask me. However you can purchase CBD online thru other retails.

That depends on your state. However, veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe it, some don’t discuss it. So as a pet owner we should do our own research as well as ask our pet’s vet.

Veterinary Cannabis is a resource specializing in advocacy, education, and consulting in Colorado. They also offer classes to pet parents online classes. They have cannabis trained veterinarians that will work with your pet’s vet

My Pizza Cat’s experience with CBD

I have used CBD drops for my cat. In my personal experience, when giving Pizza a dose I do see a difference in his behavior. For example, several years ago I was A LOT more social. Friday nights were MY night to go play… He knew as soon as I put my boots on I was going to leave, he would attack them and fuss. We are very bonded, and he would not be happy. So, before I left we would have extra playtime, I saved his favorite treats for Friday nights, even took naps together before I went out. Eventually, I decided I wanted to help him adjust more. Therefore I tried some CBD drops. It helped him calm down and act less anxious before. We were both happier. He responds well.

CBD for Cats

Petals and Tails CBD Pet treats for dogs and Cats!

What to look for when buying CBD Hemp extract oil for your pet

And the bad news. It is also important to know what you are buying, unfortunately, there is a discrepancy in quality, and well-crafted labels. Studies have shown in blind tests of 84 actual CBD products, as many as 31% did not have the same about of CBD that was listed on the label. There is no set standard of how much actual CBD is in a product. Legally made products that contain CBD must come from hemp plants,(not cannabis) and legally must have THC levels below 0.3%. , however some products tested higher for THC.

Important point to check for

Check for CBD (cannabidiol) or Hemp Extract on the label. Hemp seed or simply hemp oil is not the same thing.

All-natural organic ingredients

“Third-Party Lab Tested” (It is highly important as they check are an independent source to check for pesticides and milligrams of CBD per dose)

cbd pets

Clearly there are at great Ways Cbd / Hemp extract oil that can help pets. It could argued that a dose it just good overall sense well being. Over time and after more research hopefully, it won’t be as taboo as it is still in now in 2020. It is important to know your product.

Personally, I am not overly shy about my support for all things relating to cannabis in all its forms. ( I am after all a California Girl) .However, for our furry friends, it is exciting to see the use of non-psychoactive CBD oil to help with ailments like arthritic and inflammation.

It is sad to see our pets in pain or stressed out and unhappy. During the research though, I was really surprised to see such a difference in labeling, and marketing. How many times have you brought groceries home and discovered you bought the wrong item? ( low fat instead of regular, etc) I also heard many varying accounts of how well the products worked on your pets. I can’t help wonder how often people get hoodwinked into buying a product they are lead to believe has CBD oil as an ingredient when it really doesn’t.

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