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Why is my dog peeing in the house suddenly?

peeing in the house

When an adult dog has an accident after being house trained, there is usually an underlying reason. Your pet could be experiencing new stresses, excitement, fear, or a urinary infection. Whether it is a physical or emotional response it should be investigated, a quick resolution is a lot less pain and stress for the household.

Yikes! It looks like someone had an accident in the house again. It is always a surprise when an adult dog that suddenly starts peeing inside the house. If your dog is over 8mos, has been housebroken but is now having problems there can be several reasons. It is important to watch your furry friend and determine why your dog is peeing inside the house all of a sudden.

Possibilities for new accidents in the house

Change of environment– this alteration can cause extra nervousness together with the need to mark the surroundings. This behavior is carried out especially by males who want to make every corner of the house their own.

A Change in the household– Did a new family member move in? (or out ), Is there a new pet? This can shake up the routine and upset your dog until he gets used to the changes. Some people don’t like change, neither do some dogs. The good news it this is usually temporary and can be resolved with time and patience.

Attention- Sometimes dogs will urinate inside as a form of complaint. If they are spending excessive hours alone, without some love and attention, sometimes they look for ways to get noticed. Like small children, negative attention is better than no attention. With some redirections this can be corrected as well.

Not enough walks or walks at random times. This can’t always be avoided. However, in this case, the dog is not all guilty. Remember dogs need to relieve themselves at least three times a day. Routine is good, inconsistency is not.

Stress– Dogs can react to excitement or stress or fear by peeing. They can exhibit submissive peeing when afraid of unknown noises, or feeling intimidated.

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Does it require a vet visit ?

Unfortunately in some cases peeing in the house can also be a sign of illness. Sometimes it is as simple as a urinary tract infection, or an irritated bladder. However, it can also be the first sign of something more serious. If it becomes a constant unresolved issue it could mean you need to take Fido to the vet. A veterinarian may be able to offer more advice or insight into the issue. Age can also play a factor.

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Ruling out illness, here are tips to get your dog to stop peeing inside.

It is best to re-establish a daily schedule in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Put your dog on a schedule to ensure he gets adequate time outside after he wakes in the morning and after he eats. Regular walks and positive reinforcement when your dog goes pee outside encourage good behavior. (It is no longer recommended to punish accidents by rubbing noses in messes. It instills fear and submission which can lead to continued fear-based urination accidents. Positive praise for good behavior is most effective.)

Add a few extra minutes of playtime into your schedule. Life is hectic. However, a few extra minutes spent with your best fur friend may be beneficial. Your dog misses you when you are gone. A solid ten or fifteen minutes a day of play, when you get home after a long day, would do you both good. If boredom or loneliness is the root of the accidents on the new carpet, this will help.

Leaving out entertaining toys for your furry friend may help keep them happy and stimulated while you are gone. Again sometimes a dog peeing in the house suddenly is a way they’re way of trying to tell you something like I’m sad and bored.

If your adult dog is newly adopted and was “housetrained’ before, it still takes an adjustment period in new surroundings. Additionally, we don’t know what life his former owners gave him, so patience, affection, and discipline are the fundamental ingredients for these furry ones. Sure, you need a little more time, but it will be worth the effort.

When behavioral changes don’t work, there are still options to stop sudden peeing in the house.

Using products to remove the stain and smell can deter your dog from peeing in the same spot. To remove stubborn stains and scents, I particularly like Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator. It is highly effective in removing odor and stains. I also like that Rocco & Roxie is a small family-owned business its products are made in the USA. It is a great product for both dog OR cat problems.

Sadly in some instances such as territorial male dogs, neutering may be the best solution. In these cases, it is best to speak to your vet. It is not a guaranteed way to fix the issue, however, if Fido’s motivation is to mark his territory, this will help.

In conclusion, although it is alarming to have your dog start peeing suddenly in the house, there is usually a fairly easy way to fix it. Once medical reasons are ruled out, patience, consistency and some extra bonding time with your dog is the fastest and most efficient way to move past this issue.

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