Posts Does My Pet need I.D.?

Does My Pet need I.D.?

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Pet I.D.’s are important.

Yes, your pet needs I.D. tags. Valid up-to-date pet identification or I.D. is one way a responsible pet owner can keep their animals safe and free from danger. You can be an excellent loving owner to your pets. However, sometimes pets get away from us anyways. A curious, intelligent pet can learn to open doors or jump fences. Anxious or frightened pets can escape during a storm, firecracker display, or other natural disasters. or emergencies. A pet should always have a current I.D ( identification) tag on their collar. It improves the chances of being returned to their owners.

Have you ever been driving or walking along and noticed a stray dog running down the street? These dogs are likely scared , frantic and run away from often people trying to help. They are in danger of getting hit by a car, attacked by other strays, abducted and being lost forever. Therefore, if you are able to rescue the stray animal, being able to identify the animals owners is very helpful in getting the dog back home safely. Often strays are rescued by animal loving people, who are unable to house the stray, so they get dropped off at an overcrowded pet shelter. If the animal does not have a collar with tags , the shelter can often scan for a microchip. A valid pet i.d tag or chip hold the information that can quickly help reunite you with your pets.

Valuable information to include on a pet I.D. tags

It is important that your dog or cat are always wearing a collar with their tag on it. A tag should include

  • Pet’s name
  • Your name
  • Your current contact info. (It is helpful to add your phone number and email)
  • Pet’s hometown zip code.
  • Pet medication info, indicating that on his collar could be life saving. If they do wander away, having that information readily available makes it easier to reunite with your four legged family member. Please remember, if your information changes update your pets tag information as well.

What are the best options for my Pet’s I.D ?

Above all, any id on your pet is awesome for their safety.

Pet tags come is a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Most pet collars have rings where you can attach the pet tag, where it is out of the pets way. Many big box chain pet stores have kiosks where you can print dog tags up easily and cheaply. There is no reason you and you pet can not find something you will like, that is comfortable. With all the variety it is easy to find tags that can be fun , functional and reflect your pets personality. You can custom order from animal loving places like Tags for Hope . Amazon also offers a wide selection of tags ,even ones that fit directly on the collar. A perfect choice for an active pup.

It takes a couple of seconds to place an ID tag on your pet, and also a few seconds for your pet to become lost. Wouldn’t you want the person who finds your animal wandering to call you? In addition to a valid current pet tag, it is also advisable for your pet to have a microchip. Personally I recommend your pet have both.

In the event of the unthinkable death of a pet due to an accident, being able to identify the animal and notify the family, can offer closure.

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