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We need to address the cat with bad stinky breath

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Oh my, please don’t sit near my face until we have a chat. Pizza cat you have a stinky breath thing, going on what is UP little Dude?

pal of the week Pizza

Normally this is not an issue with my guy. However, over the months he has been enjoying wet food more and more, and fewer crunchies. He is showing no other signs of illness. Although dental issues can be a concern, firstly, a breath “mint” or dental stick or treat is a quick, economical, and hopefully easy solution.

Reasons for Halitosis (bad breath) in cats

It happens to us all from time to time. Cats are primarily carnivores and let’s face it eating meat is not kind to your breath all the time. Tuna is stinky. Food stuck between teeth can smell too and cats don’t generally floss.

Maybe you need some more veggies in your diet guy!

One of the most common reasons behind a cat’s stinky breath is a dental issue. Plaque build-up, gingivitis, or a tooth infection. can be hard for us pet parerts to diagnose, but it is something to keep in mind if you notice any of the following.

  • Drooling
  • Lack of appetite
  • Vomiting more often with no hairballs involved
  • Swollen and bleeding gums

Fortunately, I believe the culprit in Pizzas’s case in the new Fancy Feast with gravy. He loves it so much he only eats his dry food when he is REALLY hungry ( or I am not home to open the can of wet food). I have always free fed dry food and supplemented it with wet. In his older age, he is getting pickier.

Although his stinky breath was the primary reason I started looking for answers. Pizza has no issues with his favorite Chicken Temptations Cat Treats, and I saw no visible mouth problems so I easily could rule out swollen or bleeding gums. I quickly also discovered that when my cat eats crunchies it helps to keep their mouth clean, and plaque at bay. With his lack of interest in kibble and added interest in gravy, but an obsessive love of treats, I turned to a brand I have heard about. Feline Greenies

Greenies for Pizza A Wandering Cat

Thankfully they are a hit! It took a day or two to really notice a difference, but now few Greenies, and a few Temptations he is happy and I am happy.

YES, Cats can have bad breath from not brushing too.

Dental hygiene is important for the overall health of your fuzzy feline. Veterinarians recommend you brush your cat’s teeth as often as daily to avoid a cat with stinky breath problems. It can be a challenge if your pet isn’t used to it, but with practice and patience, it can become an easy part of your bonding and routine together.

“Do not worry about brushing the tips or insides of the teeth unless your cat is very cooperative. Most periodontal damage occurs on the outer surfaces of the teeth and around the roots and this is where you should direct your efforts. The cat’s abrasive tongue tends to remove plaque from the inner surfaces of the teeth, reducing the need for brushing these surfaces.”

How to Brush your cats teeth – VCA Hospitals

There are other options like chew toys and treats to help keep their teeth in good shape and healthy. Like this one or a water additive like this one that helps reduce plaque.

Lastly, other reasons for bad breath

As pet parents we spend a lot of time with our cats literally ON us in our faces. So breath is something we obviously notice regularly. Although most likely there is a simple explanation, sometimes it is the first sign of something that needs to be investigated and may require a trip to the vet.

Sweet-smelling breath can be a sign of diabetes, Urine or ammonia smell is indicative of potential kidney disease, and a general bad smell accompanied by jaundice (or whites of eyes turning yellowish) can mean liver problems. Only a veterinarian can diagnose disease, and if any of these sound (or smell) familiar, it is best to get it checked out. A healthy cat is a happy cat or at least a less moody cat. A cat with pleasant breath is nicer to snuggle with, although we all know, even if a cat has got stinky breath, I know where he will be sleeping.

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