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Pet safety during a Pandemic

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Does Covid 19 virus pandemic pose a real risk to our pets safety ?

Yes and no. There have not been extensive cases of household pets like cats and dogs contracting Covid-19, however, now that we are almost a year into this worldwide pandemic, more cases have been reported.

Let’s talk about Pet safety during a pandemic. There is a minimal risk to our pet’s safety during this pandemic if we take simple precautions. During this pandemic, there have been very few cases of the virus transferring from pets to humans. The few cases on record happened were likely caused by the animals’ close contact with an already infected person. Therefore, it’s a good idea to practice proper hygiene around pets. Wash your hands after petting and feeding. Wash their bedding frequently. It is important to keep them safe too.

What to do if your pet is diagnosed with Covid-19

What are symptoms of the virus in dogs?

Symptoms of Covid 19 in pets are similar to humans. They can develop a cough, fever and runny nose yet symptoms are likely to be mild. It is not the same reaction as people. If you suspect your pets have been exposed or infected, call the vet and notify them. There is no vaccine available, but a vet can best advise how to treat your pet. Therefore, it a good idea to practice safety measures around them especially if you feel under the weather. It is more likely for you to get them sick , than the other way around.

But please, don’t ever put a mask on your pet.

However, please keep your pet in a clean safe environment and wash your hands after tending to them.

There is no evidence that the virus can spread to people from the skin, fur, or hair of pets. Do not wipe or bathe your pet with chemical disinfectants, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or any other products not approved for animal use.”

CDC website

What can we do to keep all our family members healthy ?

Although many of us are working from home these days during this pandemic, pet safety and your pets need to be considered on a daily basis. This has changed their lives as well. Many kids are home from school. Because we are at home more pets all over the world pets are receiving and enjoying the extra constant company. The dog and I are taking longer walks and enjoying more cuddle time. Fortunately, the risk for infection being around just household members is very minimal.

To stay healthy we continue on our daily dog walks. However, we stay six feet away from other responsible pet owners. We enjoy meeting new people and pets, but currently it is being avoided for safety of everyone. If a household member were to get a positive covid-19 test reading, our pets would need to be quarantined away from others for two weeks.

Pizza the Wonder cat, is an indoor-only cat. Cats are thought to be more likely than dogs to catch COVID -19. however since he doesn’t leave his bed, don’t worry he is safe.

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