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How To Choose The Best Cat Bed For Older Cats

What to consider when choosing the best cat bed for older cats

It is important to find a cat bed for an older cat that is the right size, supportive for old bones orthopedic if necessary with high walls. A comfortable bed should also be machine washable. With so many options finding a bed that will match your interior to make you happy is usually available as well.

Cats are known for sleeping up to 16 hours a day. (that’s even more than I like to sleep and I do enjoy a good long nap). Older cat and indoor cats sleep at least that much. Therefore, it is important for them to have a great place to snuggle, feel safe, warm, and comfortable. This is especially true if your feline is getting older. Cats are masters at hiding pain so it may be hard to notice if they are suffering from arthritis or other joint pain.

A comfortable calming bed for them to lounge around in is really important. I know Pizza cat needs to have his spot to retreat from the dog or to just hang out when irritated. Yes, cats get irritated, some more than others.

What to look for in a cat bed for older cats.

As much as we all know cats love to sit in boxes, Why is that?

Pet still needs their personal space. With all the different kinds of beds available, it is still easy to find a bed to fit your pet’s needs and personality. Comfort is top on the list of importance, a bed with tall sides that offer support is good, a lower entry point for the cat to climb into the bed, and a lovely place to lay or scratch their chin is a bonus. A cat bed provides, a safe haven and a warm place for cats to snuggle in.

Orthopedic memory foam pet mattresses offer the ultimate in support for aging pets that need a soft place to lay. It is easier on the hips and other sensitive pressure points. If your cat is overweight, or recovering from surgery this is the best option. At the very least, a thick mattress is more comfortable than a thinner one. Cats have an incredible sense of smell occasionally find the scent of bedding material offensive. Choosing natural vs. synthetic can make the bed more appealing. They will be spending a lot of time there. A fluffy Cat bed encourages happiness and biscuit making all day long, when she is not napping, of course.

The perfect bed for your cat should be also be tailored to your older cats sleeping habits. Does she like to curl up? a smaller hooded bed might be what you are looking for. Conversely, for a long-legged creature like Pizza, a chaise type bed where she can stretch out might get more use. Or perhaps if you straddle on the crazy cat lady fence as I do, more than one bed and more than one type is also an option. Seriously though, we do have different beds for different areas. With a dog at home as well, my cat needs his space, his one area that is his own territory and I get tired of sharing my pillow.


What to consider to make your life easier ?

Although we are purchasing the bed for our pet, making our job as a pet parent easier, is still something to ponder. There are several things to think about when choosing a pet bed. There are so many options today and I expect it will get a lot of use.

Make sure it is machine washable or at least make sure its cover is. A removable cushion also makes cleaning easier. Shedding happens, as do furballs as well as other mishaps. Occasionally wash a cat bed. It can get dirty in a hurry. Check labels, make sure the stuffing or cushion can be washed. Personally, I have made the mistake of washing a bed or pillow WITHOUT checking… It wasn’t pretty it became a lumpy mess. Experts recommend you wash your pet’s bedding as often as once a week to help keep dander, allergens, and odor control in check. ( be sure to use mild laundry detergent with light or odor-free scent.)

There are so many fun cool beds options. If you have an artistic eye or limited space you are sure to find something you and your cat will love. It is a good idea to make sure what you are getting with match your decor, and be out of the way. Cats do enjoy their peace and quiet while napping. Many options offer a non-skid type bottom. Although it is not a necessity for an active cat it may be good idea.

Options are plentiful.

There are several options for a beautiful cat bed now available even for older cats, that are stylish, comfortable, and practical. Some even are self-warming or heated like this one. A self-heating cat bed is lined with insulation that can radiate your pet's heat back to them keeping them warm. A heated cat bed needs to be plugged in. Yay !no more sharing the heating pad!

Check """>here for the current price

Cat caves, and enclosed felt beds may be an option if your cat doesn't need an orthopedic mattress. They are very funky weird-looking type cat beds. I am really enjoying the look of these chunky yarn beds as well.

What is your opinion? So Cute, but I do have a wee bit of hippie bohemian style preference.

Handmade Cat Beds on Etsy

Help my older cat won't try the new bed.

Well, the new carefully bought cat bed is here but your old guy isn't nearly as excited as you are. Even if you bought the best cat bed for older cats available on the market, sometimes it gets ignored. Change is hard, even when it's good for us. There a few things you can do to entice your older pet to try out this new thing. You can try rubbing it with catnip. I have also had success putting an old t-shirt or sweater of mine for him to snuggle with. Pizza and I are pretty bonded so my scent is comforting to him. I have used this method many times when introducing new areas for him to chill out.

Lastly, just be patient. It may take a few days to adjust. Put a few of your cat's favorite toys in there also helps. We all need restful sleep to remain happy and healthy, even cats. So good luck and I want pictures of your happy cats snoozing in their beds.

Pizza the superstar enjoying his new bed
kitty kick styx Pizza

Kitty Kick Stix Have you seen these? Cats Love to Kick

Why do Cats Kick at things?

A gift arrived quickly via USPS Can you guess who was immediately interested?

Kitty Kick Stix is the perfect toy that encourages your cat’s natural kicking instinct. When hunting or defending themselves cats use ferocious tactics included wrapping their front legs around their prey freeing up their back legs. This method is referred to as the “bunny kick” Sounds terrifying right? I suppose it can be for the kitty prey. Fun fact! all felines have this instinct even lions and tigers.

Indoor cats need a lot of toys, especially if they are solitary. A kicking toy can stimulate, entertain, and be used to bond with your cat. All cats like to practice hunting skills, even if they have never been outside. Offering the opportunity for play helps combat boredom, overeating, anxiety and depression in indoor cats.

Where have these Kitty Kick Stix been all of Pizza’s Life?

These well-made cat toys added some fun to otherwise boring days of naps and snacks. When it arrived I could smell the high-quality catnip through the package. Even the dog at home was interested. Initially, I was a little unsure if the fabric would be able to withstand the play, but so far so good. Each product is made with care by hand, once you place the order, they get busy sewing it.

They fill the products with fiber cotton fill and extremely fresh potent catnip. They use a professional-quality sewing machine and an overlock stitch method that reinforces the stitch, that holds this toy together. This kick stick is firmly packed with filler and catnip. However, if your cat is extra rambunctious and you are afraid of a tear, kitty kick stix does offer a “clawtastic” extra strength option for cats with love to kick more enthusiastically. I am not sure it would be necessary, but it’s great they offer the option.

Original 15″ Kitty Kick Stix

Pizza’s Experience

Having an indoor-only cat, I need to make sure my little buddy stays active and entertained. The toy made an excellent first impression on my cat. Although he was a little timid at first, quickly warmed up to it, quickly. I left sticks out for several hours for him to play with it. Pizza interacted with his new kitty kick stix for solid spurts of about 5-10 min each. He did seem to get a little more aggressive towards the dog, he raised a paw once or twice when normally he doesn’t. Reacting a little territorial, maybe he didn’t want to share his new toy. . Who can blame him? When he was done, he flopped down and had a deep sleep after having fun. I may have even heard little kitty snores. In fact, I am pretty sure I did.

Is catnip good for my cat?

Why we love this company

  • Family Owned Business
  • Simple concept, very well made ( no batteries or recharging necessary)
  • Colorful and fun
  • Quality organic catnip ingredients
  • Kitty Kick Stix gives to back to animal shelters
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Budget-Friendly

What is not to love? They offer different size sizes 6″, 10″ and 15″. Since Pizza, the Cat is a big guy I chose the 15″. it is the perfect size for this 10-year-old male. They have a wide selection of fun fabric to choose from, or if you are anything like me, and can’t make up your mind, they will surprise you. I like that option. Kitty kick stix the toys that cats love to kick

Finally, now that I have ordered and seen the product, I understand why they offer a 2 packs. I will definitely be placing another order soon. I may even be sharing with all my other cat-loving friends. In addition to their original kick sticks, they also offer goldfish kick sticks so cute! Also, they offer catnip pillows and their 100% Organic High Quality Catnip separately.

I try to support small family businesses when I can. This is an awesome quality product that I’m sure you will be glad you purchased. So go check out their stuff. I don’t want to be the one to remind you but It is holiday season, and these would make the perfect pet stocking stuffer.

**** Update**** ONE MONTH UPDATE**** It is holding up nicely….. even the other fuzzy housemate has had a little fun. But no rips or tears. I have rubbed new catnip on it to refresh it.

What is catnip?

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cat butt

Who doesn’t love cat butts? Cat owners do

How can you not love these ? Bakerlogy you make me so happy!

The other day a friend posted these little cat butt cookie cutters ( You will love these too) And it got me thinking, actually it got me daydreaming. I also searched for some more adorable cat butt products. Fortunately, Christmas is on its way, and these would make a cute gift for a cat lover.

Why do cats show us their butts? As much as I love my cat’s little butt, it is always a surprise when it is aimed at my face first thing in the morning before coffee. Kitty turning your butt towards you is a way of communication. It is an expression of trust. I have notices it often accompanies by cuddles and head bumps.

Does my cat love me?

The autumnal equinox always awakens my desire to bake and eat more comforting foods. Even here in Southern California the nights and early morning are just starting to feel a smidge cooler. The household pets are already starting to snuggle a little closer. For instance, Pizza the cat, has started his fall rituals, like burying himself under the covers with me, usually at dawn. The household dog is inching her way from the foot of the bed to the middle near me.

Thoughts of fresh-baked cookies, a hot beverage, and a good book make me happy this time of year. Especially when there is a chilled out cat curled up near me and a dog at my feet. In preparation, I spent a little time window-shopping for the coming months. I think you will like what I found.

Look at these goodies. I am in love with these cat butt cookie cutters.

For all your favorite rolled cookie recipes.. ( or my favorite one)

Jamie’s No Chill Sugar Cookie ( For Human Enjoyment)

Preheat oven to 350° F.

  • 1 Cup butter
  • 1 Cup granulated white sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract (optional)
  • 1 egg (preferable medium sized)
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3 cups all purpose flour
  • Firstly, in a bowl cream softened butter and sugar until smooth with your mixer, at least 3 minutes Then, Add in extracts and your egg.
  • In a separate bowl combine baking powder and salt  with flour.
  • Add a little flour mixtures at a time to the wet ingredients. The dough will be very stiff. If it becomes too stiff for your mixer turn out the dough onto a countertop surface. Wet your hands and finish off kneading the dough by hand.
  • DO NOT CHILL THE DOUGH. (Waiting is the worst part of sugar cookies, with this tried and true recipe you don’t have to)
  • Divide into workable batches, roll out onto a floured surface and cut. these cookies work best if rolled on the thicker side (closer to 1/4 inch rather than 1/8).
  • Bake at 350 for 6-8 minutes. Let cool on the cookie sheet until firm enough to transfer to a cooling rack.

Perfect for decorating once cooled, or just a good solid dunker for tea.

Spinach and Chicken Cat treat Recipe

Kitty Butt Pillow To Sit on for Comfort.

For lumbar support while curling up on the couch or favorite chair with those sugar cookies

Enjoying some that first cup of coffee, hot cocoa or some hot tea

Makes you smile, doesn’t it seriously how can it not?
Coloring is fun, relieves stress, especially when its a #catbutt
You are going to need to to post your holiday shopping list why not use these cute magnets?
and finally, if you are actually working while enjoying all these things, here is a planner to start the year of right!

Cat Butts are love.

Cats are pretty affectio0ate creatures, even if they have odd ways of showing it! Who knew a butt in the fact meant I love you! Finally, I hope my enthusiasm for these adorable things brings a smile to your face. May there always be a cat butt in your face.

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disposable kitty poo litter box

A New Kitty Poo Club litter box has arrived.

Kitty Poo Club litter box is here. Yes, today is the day and we are happy. Just in time, it is all about the little things.

I really do like it when the new box arrives..It makes this cat owner very happy. It is recyclable and easy. I consider myself pretty frugal and at $21.99 a box (shipping included) that is auto-delivered, effective, and eco-friendly it so very worth it. The family-owned business has grown a lot since I started using this product. They offer different varieties of Kitty Poo Club litter ( silica, clay, soy) and box domes. You can now also just be the litter. Their options have recently expanded to food toppers and food as well. Kitty Poo Club is more than just a monthly subscription litter box ! .

And who doesn’t like a clean potty ? Pizza does for sure.

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Here is how it comes in the mail. It is ridiculously easy to open. You simply untape the lid ( which I use as a shield in the back of the box just in case.) Occasionally, Mr. Pizza misses the intended target. The box includes plastic bars to reinforce the side of the box. There is a perforated section to remove to make entering easier for the cat. The litter comes in a thick plastic bag. Dump the litter into the amazingly lined cardboard box that hasn’t leaked on me once. It may be magical but for me it’s practical.

The used litter can be disposed of in the trash and the carboard litter box goes into the recycling. Quick and simple.

Kitty Poo Club offers gift cards too!

Looking for a new litter box solution?

Kitty Poo Club -An Honest Review.

Kitty Poo Club is a mail-order disposable litter box and it is definitely a product I can’t live without anymore. The litter boxes are environmentally friendly, easy to set up, and easy to dispose of. The litter goes in the trash and the cardboard can be recycled.

Admittedly, I’ll be honest, I don’t scoop as often as I should. Also, I have a pet peeve about litter boxes. They are plastic and quite frankly once you get the scent of urine in the plastic it doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how often you clean out the entire box.

On a whim, I did a search on disposable litter boxes. Kitty Poo Club offered a perfect solution to my problem. It is recyclable and easy to set up the box, that is auto-delivered. I consider myself pretty frugal and at $21.99 a litter box (shipping included) finding a solution that is effective, and eco-friendly, and delivered to me, is worth it.

Easy to use

Your cardboard litter box comes compact. With ingenious packaging, the box IS the box so there is no waste. The package folds open, to a bag of extra absorbent eco-friendly litter. It includes plastic sliders to stabilize the sides. (I use the lid as a shield as Pizza is long-legged and sometimes urinates higher than expected.) You can set your reorder for three or five weeks later, and the disposal process is just as easy. I make sure it’s empty of “treasures”, slide the plastic bars off and, add them to the box, close it up place the lid back on, and toss. The box is coated and leak proof. The actual litter can be disposed of and the cardboard box can be recycled.

Ready to be assembled

Different Litter Options Available

I have watched the company grow from one size litter to several options. In the beginning, silica was the only option. Today there is the original silica, but now fine-grain silica, clay, or even a soy option. (Personally, we switched to fine-grain once it was available. Pizza was tracking the silica around and despite my best efforts to stay on top of it, it was a little like stepping on a lego in the middle of the night, so we switched to the fine grain which is a little easier to sweep up. Today Kitty poo offers “catch-all mats”. In recent months Kitty poo club has expanded its selection to include domes that fit their boxes for the taller cats, also a selection of high-quality food and treats and food toppers. The company has grown considerably since we first started using their products.

I love the convenience of contactless auto-delivery. I was not a fan of purchasing heavy litter containers and unloading etc, Kitty Poo Club orders have always been on time, and I have never had a billing problem. They even have an option to go on vacation if you need to skip a month or two.

Lastly, Kitty Poo Club is a modern convenience and a time saver. A clean litter box makes for a happy cat. If you are looking for a new litter box solution for a new kitten or an older big kitty, check out Kitty poo for your litter box needs.

disposable kitty litter box
Open for Business

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Fetch the Ball the Best Indestructible ball

Dogs love simple balls. They are fun to catch and chase and chew. The best ball for job depends on breed, age and how much of a chewer your pup is.

I love spending time with my furry friends but I don’t enjoy constantly spending money replacing the balls that don’t survive an afternoon of fun. Does your dog need a virtually indestructible ball too? Let’s look at the dog balls on the market and see which one is the most reliable.

Indestructible Dog toys specifically: THE BASIC BALL

Many dogs love a simple game of fetch. Additionally, it is a great way to bond and get some exercise together. However, there are many different types of basic dog balls, different sizes and materials. Additionally, every pup has their favorite.

Here are my top recommendations for the best “mostly” indestructible options out there.

This is Gnawsome 4.5” Spiky Squeak & Light Ball Dog Toy

For curious pups, this ball is the best. It is made of food-grade, BPA free,TPR material aka “thermoplastic rubber”. TPR is a perfect material for dog toys. It has properties of both plastic and rubber, lightweight, and has good tear strength. It is weather-resistant and great for outdoor play. The Gnawsome is interactive. This fun ball both lights up and has a squeaky noise, specially made with care to ensure the safety of your pet. The Squeaker stays put inside. And let’s face it…. gnawsome is fun to say…

It comes in different sizes for your pup and a variety of colors. The smallest is 2.5″ perfect for small breeds; the largest size is 4.5 perfect for big breeds. This gnawsome ball has a great reputation for withstanding a lot of play from aggressive chewers. The only con we can see, is that occasionally the light stops working prematurely. It is loud as well, for your dog that is exciting and fun, but if you, your kids or other pets are sensitive to loud squeaky toys, there are still other options for that perfect simple ball.

Chuck It Ultra Ball

Unlike the gnawsome balls, the Chuck it ultra is smooth, highly visible, and made of rubber. These balls have a very high bounce, perfect for an active dog. It is suitable for both land and water play. The Chuck it Ultra is a perfect fit for it’s matching launcher. The launcher is not necessary however, it adds to the fun and interaction. Once a pet has retrieved the slobbery ball, the fetcher can be attached and the pet can fetch the ball without you getting dirty with dog slobber. Eww! The Chuck it Ultra balls are suitable for water play and pools. These toys float. However, if squeezed or chewed underwater, it may fill up with water and sink. It is important to keep an eye on pets at the lake or pool anyways.

Kong Extreme Ball

Kong has a good reputation for making well-made dog toys. These bad boys are made of natural rubber. They do bounce, however like many Kong toys, it has a hole in it to hide treats, so floating not so much. It is made with an aggressive chewer in mind and is considered “puncture-resistant”. Despite being globally sourced, they are made in the USA. Kong toys also have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. The kong balls come in different sizes to fit your dog’s needs. This ball durable and with a hidden treat like peanut butter, or detastix, even when the game of chase is over, it still can provide an activity for at least a few minutes

Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Floating-Bouncing Dog Toy

This is a pretty cool soccer ball for your dog. Perfect for all your herders out there too, like the Goldendoodle at home. This sized ball is the right size to be pushed around and chased. It is also doesn’t deflate… It does not deflate. Magic! It is larger than a fetch ball but still comes in two sizes, 6″ and 8″. It also floats. Perfect for a fun day at the lake or beach tossing a retrieving a ball around with Fido. This product is made in the USA, and has a manufactures guarantee as well.

Here are my top choices of balls for your happy dog. It seems clear all dogs love to play and chase balls. One’s that light up and squeak are especially fun. However, the fun only lasts as long as the ball. Durability is a definite selling point for these toys. These products have been enjoyed by many pet owners, keep in mind though dogs are pretty strong and excitable. It always advised that when introducing a new toy to stay with them to make sure they can’t get hurt. Even a rubber ball can get destroyed by an eager chewer. Although we think this list is pretty solid. One of the joys in having a pet is a bonding experience. I hope you get to try out some of these toys and find your best indestructible ball for your dog and have an awesome game of fetch.

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.