Can a Cat get Down syndrome?

The simple answer is no. Although there are genetic disorders that can mimic the appearance like Cerebellar hypoplasia (causes in utero by either severe malnourishment, a toxoplasmosis infection, or most commonly Feline panleukopenia.) In pets conditions that look like down syndrome or other retardation affects pets physically not developmentally as we think of down syndrome as humans.

What is Down Syndrome?

First of all, what is down syndrome? Simply put it is a genetic abnormality. In humans, it is defined by having extra or partial makeup of chromosome 21. A Cat has fewer chromosomes than we do, to begin with, so technically by definition, they can’t have down syndrome. Cats only have 19 chromosome pairs. However, they can have abnormalities that resemble the affliction.

Abnormalities in cats

However, cats can have genetic abnormalities that make them appear to have retardation or a “delaying or slowing the progress or development”.

Malformed faces

Eyes noticeably far apart

Small or misshaped ears

Small or misshapen head

Unusually flattened noses

Lack of coordination

Poor Muscle tone

Other less noticeable physical issues include lack of hearing, poor eyesight, or heart problems.

All of these issues are a result of genetics and form in utero. It is crucial if your cat is pregnant that her health is monitored for her and the health of her kittens. Many diseases causing these issues are preventable. For instance, Feline panleukopenia in cats is a common disease that can cause genetic abnormalities in kittens. It is both, highly contagious among felines, AND also preventable by vaccination.

Another culprit that can affect the development of kittens is exposure to toxic chemicals. Often a pregnant cat experiencing malnutrition can also cause developmental issues in kittens. Genetic issues are also evident in bad breeding practices.

If you suspect your cat or kitten has a genetic disease, it is best to get them checked out by a veterinarian. It is not always evident at first, however as your kitten matures sometimes issues become more clear your pet has special needs.

What can I do if my cat is special needs?

Most of the time, pets that show signs similar to down syndrome or other genetic issues can learn to adjust. It is amazing how cats and dogs can overcome disabilities. Just because a cat suffers from physical abnormalities doesn’t mean they can’t live a normal fun-filled active life.

Some issues do cause poor muscle tone or a predisposition to seizures, or other balance or coordination problems in cats. However, these are not contagious to other pets and with extra care can be managed.

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Can CDB be helpful to cats?

Like all cats and pets, a high-quality diet, and spending time together, help foster happy healthy cats. If there are balance, sight, or hearing issues, it may be necessary to have a safe place for your furry one to play where she can’t get hurt. Regular veterinary visits are important also. Although your furry one, can live a healthy life, sometimes genetic conditions may require more visits to the veterinarian. Fortunately, like for us humans, there is pet insurance. Many offer comprehensive coverages for both genetic conditions and aging pets.

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Can you read your cats body language What is he trying to tell you ?

Although a cat can not have down syndrome, it can have special needs that require dedicated pet parents. But there is no reason an animal with disabilities can’t live a long happy.

disaster preparedness dog

Disaster Preparedness and Your Dog

Are you and your dog prepared if there is a disaster?

Disasters Preparedness for your dog is essential. Disasters strike when you least suspect them . Therefore, it is good to have a disaster plan in place for your home and family that includes making provisions for your dog and other pets . If you live in an area that gets hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes, you probably have some idea of what you will do to evacuate or if you lose power and services. But what will you do with your dog?

 Disasters can also strike your home, when you are not there. spelling a disaster for pets that are home alone. You can get stickers for your home windows that let fire rescue workers know that pets are inside in need of rescue. You will probably pack a first aid kit for your family, but don’t forget about supplies for your dog as well. Ask your veterinarian for advice on how to treat your dog if he is injured in a disaster and what supplies you should have on hand. Be prepared to live off of your emergency supplies and be totally self sufficient for at least seven days.

What should be in your dog’s basic first aid kit ?

It is important to make an emergency supply kit for your dog and other furry pets. Preparedness reduces stress.  

  •  A seven days’ supply of food,
  •  Treats, Poop bags
  •  Bottled water,
  •  Bowls
  •  A few favorite toys, 
  •  An extra leash and collar WITH identification AND an Emergency contact
  •  Copies of important papers,vet records

If your dog doesn’t use the crate on a daily basis, you can store all of your supplies inside it. It is a good idea to have a blanket and travel crate packed This helps your dog feel secure at a time when everyone may be panicked. You don’t want your dog to get scared and bolt. You may even want to consider buying a halter or harness rather than a collar so your dog is less likely to get away. It is also a good idea to make sure your pet is microchipped for easy identification

Hopefully, you and your dog or other pets, will never be involved in a disaster but it is always best to be prepared and not need it, rather than to be in need of supplies and shelter and have nowhere to turn. The time to plan for your dog’s safety and well being is before there is any threat underway. Many evacuation centers will not accept dogs and the ones that do usually require advanced registration. Its good to have a back up plan for you animals.

You don’t want to have an emergency and have no where for your dog to ride it out in safety. Above all else, never go off and leave your pets alone. If it isn’t safe for you to be in your home, it isn’t safe for your pets either.