Pizza and me

About me and A Wandering Pet

Welcome to A Wandering Pet. My name is Jamie and Pizza (or PizzatheWonderCat) is my faithful feline companion. We currently live in Southern California. Together we safely wander around the internet looking things all about pets. Yes, we are Punk or New Wavy..or just silly.

A Wandering Pet begins

Like so many others people in the world right now, I lost my job and my kitchen in March 2020. One week I had a growing personal chef business called A Wandering Chef, the next week my kitchen closed down and my clients went away, as many lost their income too. Spring 2020 was a very uncertain time. I began spending a lot of time at home with Pizza catand my roommate’s dog. I have always enjoyed writing and research. Deciding it was time to start a new chapter in my life, The pets at home provide a lot of comfort and joy for me during this interesting time. It feels natural to learn, write and share awesome informative fun things I am learning with this pet blog. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment .

How I met my Pet Rescue

It was March 2009 and kitten season. I had wanted a kitten for a while and was at my local shelter at just the right time. I had looked at all the adoptable cats of all ages. Then it happened.

A few minutes before closing the shelter they brought out a small litter of fluffy kittens. Was there was a little male? YES ! I held him briefly and in seconds was ready to make a lifelong commitment. One look and I was smitten Seriously, look at that little face. One and a half pounds and full of attitude.

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Baby Pizza Cat

He was so small, under two pounds. I was able to pick up the next day from the shelter. As, he still needed his vaccinations and microchip. In Califonia shelters, they sterilize kittens at 2 lbs or six weeks. Given his weight, he was probably not quite 6 weeks old. He was tiny yet mighty. I needed to help him gain a little weight before he could visit the Vet. That was about ten years ago.

Naming the Kitten

Yes, Pizza is a unique name for a grey tabby. Well, besides my little feline love, food is my first passion. I was a personal chef/caterer for many years. I am particularly fond of Italian food and at the time I was enjoying a lot of Cheese Pizza. It was a silly nickname that later stuck. He was almost a Gizmo ( Look at those Ears! I also almost named him Cane as I once had an amazing Italian grey striped cat with that name. However, Pizza Cat was fitting. He can be cheesy with a bit of biting personality like a Pizza Diavola…….However, he is an indoor-only cat and has been for his entire life. His sassiness is much less than other tomcats, he has his moments though.

Although he is 10 years old, he continues to be an active curious cat. His long 12 “, “tail of doom” gets him in trouble for time to time, he in part uses it to knock things over. Perhaps not on purpose… but I have my doubts. He will eagerly try snack on whatever you have on your plate. His affection for garbanzo beans ( also Italian) and that almost lead to him having the name Garbonzo but still, PizzaCat stuck. I like to hypothesize that he came from a long line of feral cats and his hunting instincts for survival are strong. He also enjoys only licking water from his paws, vs. just drinking out of the bowl., a habit he has had his entire life.

We have moved multiple times over his lifetime and he had happily adjusted each time. As long as we were together, he is happy. I have been blessed to have such a good pet. He is been well mannered and uses the kitty box and his many cardboard scratching pots. Our current household also has a dog. Both are seniors, neither has lived in the same living quarters with other animals. I’m happy to say, three years later, they at least tolerate each other. Even an old dog and an old cat can learn new tricks. Perhaps they just like my bed, but either way, there is peace.

I hope you enjoy your stay here. I want you and your wandering pet to have a seat and learn some new stuff and have fun. Pizza and the household dog are my inspiration. Pets really add a lot of love to your life.

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